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Space Club

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Space Club RIT is a branch of Student Activity Cell (SAC) of CIIED RIT.

Established:- 27th June 2017. 


  1. To study and understand the workings of various systems related to the satellite technology and rockets also creates a system to pass on that knowledge to the next generation of students.
  2. Research and Develop better and cheaper ways of developing a satellite and rocket.
  3. Collaborate and work with various institutions working in the fields of satellite and rocket technology also offer our service to various scientific institutions.
  4. Create a culture of research and development in the fields of Satellite and rocket Engineering.


"We want to create a culture of fearlessly thinking, designing, and building ideas in the field of space research. Just like space, we will never have any boundaries on thinking, which will lead us toward the great ideas. We will work honestly and morally to bring those ideas into the motion. We want to spread the power of optimism in the community where we serve and we will expand the community day by day."

Mission :

  1. To study the different sub-system used in satellite and rockets.
  2. Experimental launching of AMATEUR ROCKETS.
  3. Developing the rockets with the full proof deployment system.
  4. To develop our own communication system and build our own ground station to communicate with satellites.
  5. To design and develop a working satellite model to examine and develop our knowledge.
  6. To design and develop high-quality components to be used in the satellite.
  7. To develop a series of model satellites and rockets also keep on improving the performance of the satellite.
  8. To get research projects from ISRO.

Members list:

Name Designation Contact
Adarsh Patil Project Manager 9834764339
Bhojraj Khairmode Project Manager 9689907048
Sanket Patil System Engineer 8329091247
Digvijay Jadhav System Engineer 7776005604
Preeti Lokhande Head of Communication Subsystem 7020885385
Charvi Mali Head of Ignition Subsystem 7798290546
Tejas Sapkal Head of Power Subsystem 9075988969
Vaibhav Narvankar Head of Thermal & Structure Subsystem 7039945850
Ashutosh Lonikar Member -
Aniket Kumbhar Member -
Pranay Ghadage Member -
Priyanka Pawar Member -
Siddhi Patil Member -
Kailas Lade Member -
Shardul Mohire Member -
Kishori Ajagekar Member -
Manaswi Patil Member -
Nikhil Patil Member -
Priyanka Patil Member -
Shahin Momin Member -

Achievements :

  1. National level Rocketry competition winner at SDNx.
  2. Rockets at the height of 600m with the deployment system.
  3.  Successful compilation of Balloon satellite with full recovery and successful payload work in collaboration with IISER Bhopal.  
  4. 10 Licensed Radio Operator. (2 General Grade + 8 Restricted Grade) .
  5. Balloon Satellite and cloud seeding projects are in pipeline.
  6. MOU signed with IISER Bhopal and IIGM(Indian Institute of Geomagnetism).

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