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Implementation of CDIO to TY B. Tech. Mini Projects

One of the challenges in 21st century engineering education is the demand for high quality teaching, where the subject is to be presented in an interesting and engaging way and learning can be increased by integrating and involving the students in the teaching process. The Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate (CDIO) approach has been introduced by the Mechanical Department for the UG students, in the process of reforming the engineering education; in order to educate the students to become more effective engineers and produce the next generation of engineers. A primary reason for using a CDIO initiative in engineering education is that the students shall be exposed to work methods used in industry and secondary reason is that a CDIO initiative provides a useful tool for assessment of the skills of the students. The CDIO framework provides students with an education that stresses engineering fundamentals set in the context of conceiving, designing, implementing and operating real-world systems and products. CDIO project is an international initiative that aims to develop a new model for engineering education. The Conceive stage includes defining customer need; considering technology, enterprise strategy and regulations, developing the concept, architecture, and business plans. The second stage, Design, focuses on creating the design, i.e., the plans, drawings, and algorithms that describe what will be implemented. Implement refers to the transformation of the design into the product, process and system including manufacturing, coding, test and validation. The final stage, Operate, uses the implemented product to deliver the intended value, including maintaining, evolving and retiring the system.

The three main goals of CDIO are to:

1. Educate students to master a deeper working knowledge of the technical fundamentals.

2. Educate engineers to lead in the creation and operation of new products and systems.

3. Educate future researchers to understand the importance and strategic value of their work.

Academic Year 2016-17

Group No. Sr. No. Roll No. Name of Guide Project Title
1 1 1406018 Dr. S. K. Patil Design and Development of Onion Planting Machine
2 1406020
3 1406026
4 1406030
2 1 1406005 Dr. S. M. Sawant Desing and development in cleaning process of turmeric rhizomes
2 1406064
3 1406068
4 1406072
3 1 1406031 Dr. S. S. Gawade Design and Developmet of Fertilizer machine for Sugarcanre Field
2 1406086
3 1406095
4 1406096
4 1 1401028 Prof. B. R. Jadhav Design and Development of lifting mechanism for Exterior wall painting Machine
2 1405005
3 1406013
4 1406014
5 1 1406010 Prof. N. K. Chhapkhane Design of Modern Bullock cart with Suspension and Stabilization system
2 1406061
3 1406063
4 1406067
6 1 1406069 Prof. M. V. Kavade Mechanized Transplanting Machine for Marigold Flower
2 1406104
3 1406106
4 1406125
7 1 1406045 Prof. S. N. Jalwadi Design and development of Chaff cutter blade for increasing blade life.
2 1406053
3 1406057
4 1406058
8 1 1556004 Prof. M. B. Mandale Effect of graphene doped silicon on solar cell efficiency
2 1556010
3 1556019
4 1556020
9 1 1406025 Prof. M. V. Pisal Automatic Stairs for Trains at Low level Platforms
2 1406035
3 1406037

B. Tech. Mechanical Project List

Academic Year 2016-17

Roll No. Name of Guide Project Title
1 1306001 Prof. P. V. Gunjawate Design and Development of Chasis Frame and Suspension System of a FORMULA syle race car
2 1306005 Dr. S.S.Gavade Design, Development and Testing of Sugarcane sowing Machine
3 1301004 Dr. M.T.Telasang Design and Development of exhaust air opertaed inbuilt inflating jack for automobile
4 1306002 Prof. M. L. Deshpande Design and Manufacturing of adjustable storage rack
5 1306019 Dr. S.M.Sawant Automation of chain link fence making machine
6 1306124 Prof. M.B.Mandale Design and Development of Indian Nashta maker
7 1306034 Prof.M.V.Pisal Design of Centralized coolant filteration system
8 1011034 Prof.R.V.Zende Full proof safety system with automatic middle and side stand for 2 wheeler
9 1306062 Prof.A.S.Patil Use of ER fluid in quick return mechanism
10 1306011 Prof. P. M. Jadhav Design of mechanical driving system based on button spinner for permanent magnet synchronous generator
11 1306017 Dr. S. D. Patil Performance and thermal analysis of IC engine using Bio-Diesel
12 1456002 Prof. C.A.Waghamare Optimization and Analysis of EDM for Surface integrity using FUZZY logic
13 1306060 Prof. R.A.Magadum Design, Analysis and Optimization of three roll plate bending machine
14 1306024 Prof. S.V.Kadam Heat and Fluid flow analysis of corrugated pipe by using nano-fluid
15 1306083 Dr. S.K. Patil Design and Development of multisize stapler
16 1306067 Prof. M. M. Mirza Mutipurpose mini crop harvester
17 1306004 Prof. M.V. Kavade Phenomenological study of EDM
18 1306114 Prof. P.S. Jadhav Investigation for efficiency of double connecting rod of four stroke CI engine
19 1306104 Prof. N.K.Chhapkhane Automatic Tamarind pulp separating machine
20 1306089 Prof. S. R.Patil Design and manufacturing of automatic Bhel wending machine
21 1306078 Prof. S.B.Khot Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Automatic Boiler feeding system for SSI
22 1306053 Prof. S.N. Jalwadi Characterization of composite material under static loading condition
23 1456010 Prof.A.M.Mulla Design and Modification of existing special purpose centre drilling machine
24 1306106 Prof. L. R. Patil Design and Development of hydraulic lift for lifting industrial goods
25 1456001 Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar. Performance and Emmision testing by using Bio-diesel and its blends for VCR engine
26 1306065 Prof. A.M.Mulla Design and Development of flexible Grinding machine
27 1306055 Prof. G.L. Suryawanshi Design and Development of Self temperature regulating roof
28 1306087 Prof. R.V.Pawar Design and Development of multipurpose high traction manual tiller
29 1306039 Prof. S. N. Sawant Design and Development of shaft gripping mechanism for overhead crane
30 1306047 Prof.K.P.Pawar Development of mud removal mechanism for agricultural Rotavetor
31 1456005 Prof. S.A.Danane Seed plantation and Sowing machine
32 1306103 Prof. A.B. Chougule Design, Analysis and Fabrication of compound parabolic collector for domesic purpose with Nano-Fluid as working fluid
33 1306075 Prof.Pratik Patil Design, Manufacturing and Analysis of composite material plates for drainage and manhole applications
34 1306051 Prof. S.S.Shirguppikar Design and Improvement in mobility system of the planetary Rover for stability on uneven terrian
35 1206001 Prof. B.R.Jadhav Design and fabrication of leather braiding machine
36 1106123 Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar. External glass wall cleaning system
37 1306032 Pros A.B. Pawar To improve radiator and overall engine performance by using nano-fluids

Academic Year 2015-16

Name of Guide Name of Project
1 M.L. Deshpande Human powered Three Wheeled Hybrid Vehicle.
2 Dr. S.S.Gavade design & development of solar heat storage device using phase change material.
3 Dr. M.T.Telasang Design & development of Transmission system for all terian vehicle..
4 P.V.Gunjwate Thermoelectric Heating & cooling.
5 Dr. S.M.Sawant Moisture reduction in Baggase.
6 Prof. M.B.Mandale Comparative study of Healthy & damaged Ball bearing using different condition monitoring techniques.
7 Prof.M.V.Pisal Experimental Investigation of dehydration of Jaggery
8 Prof. R.V.Pawar Design & development of manual weeding machine with crop fertilizing system.
9 PROF. A. S. PATIL Design of Cold storage.
10 Prof.P. M. Jadhav Design & development of Sugarcane Foliage removing machine.
11 Dr. S. D. Patil Study of Metal Hybrid based Hydrogen Storage Reactor.
12 Prof. C.A.Waghamare Design & development & testing of Magnetorheological fluid finishing system
13 Prof. R.A.Magadum Numerical Simultation & electromagmetic forming process
14 Prof. S.V.Kadam Heat & fluid flow analysis on experimental setup using Nanofluid
15 Dr. S.K. Patil Redesigning of material handling system & storage system at compresssor shell shop.
16 Prof. M. M.Mirza Design & Development of Multi Discharge Valve.
17 Prof. M.V. Kavade Design ,Development & performance testing of self balancing e-vehicle.
18 Prof. P.S. Jadhav Design & development of colourwise sorting machine for inserts.
19 Prof. N.K.Chhapkhane Fabrication & Testing of automatic sorting machine for Turmeric Rizomes.
20 Prof. S. R.Patil Modification of plastic extrusion process & Design mechanism to cut pipe after detection of flaws
21 Prof. S.B.Khot Domestic Sugarcane Juicer
22 Prof. S.N. Jalwadi Automated Capacitor packing system.
23 Prof. D.S.Chavan Experimental & Numerical analysis of Tube in tube type Heat Exchanger using nano fluid.
24 Prof. B.R. Jadhav Design ,Development & modification of Key way milling attachment on centre lathe.
25 Prof. U.M.Nimbalkar. Egg Freshness detection by automation.
26 Prof. A.M.Mulla Automatic Raisin sorting Machine.
27 Prof. G. L. Suryavanshi Design & Development of automated mulching paper laying machine.
28 Prof. M. V. Pisal Design of commercialized process for mfg. sweet potato powder & dry Ginger powder.
29 Prof. S. N. Sawant Design & Development of Vaccum sealed molding process for small size casting.-
30 PROF. B.H. Nangare Patil Import & Exxport procedure,Documentation & supply chain Mgt.
31 PROF. O.M. Kaulgud Modelling of Gas sensing unit based on Nano particles for composite material testing in engg. application.

Academic Year 2014-15

Sr. No. Guide Roll No. Name Of Students Title Sponsoring Company
1 Dr. S. S. Gawade 1106105 NagareSmita Ashok Design & Development Mech System For Production Of Small SizeesJaggery.  
1106110 NimbalkarIndrajeetSuryakant
1106160 YadavShubham Prakash
1106161 Patil Digvijay
1106102 MohiteAjit Shankar
2 Dr. M. T. Telsang 1106063 Mane Pranav Rajkumar Design And Fbrication And Testing Of Automatic Covering Sytem  
1006077 JidgekarDevikaShamsundar
1106032 HankareAnantVitthal
1106028 GotpagarVishwAjeet Vijay
1106020 DubalAbhishekhRaghunath
1106017 Desai Pratik Anandrao
3 Dr. S. M. Sawant 1106029 GovekarPoojaTanaji Proff Of Design Test Of Butterfly Valve Unique Hydrotech, Palus
1106048 KhorateTejasChandrakant
1106045 KanojeMoreshwArDattatray
1106026 GavaliVaibhavDinkar
1106019 DhavaleVaibhav Mohan
1106015 DabadeUmesh Anil
4 Dr. S. K. Patil 1106140 SabaleSurajSadashiv Design And Development Of Shrub Shearer Machine  
1106109 NikamAvadhut Amar
1011028 Patil SwPnilSambhaji
1256003 JadhavRoshana Narayan
1106148 ShelakeShekharNanaso
5 Prof. M. V. Kavade 1106145 Saw Ant YugandharAnanda Study The Effects On Performance Of EDM By Using Powder Mioxed In DieleCtric Medium  
1106165 Desai OmkarArun
1106153 ShingateSushantPopat
1106157 Thorat Gaurav Atmaram
1106159 YadavShreyasChandramohan
6 Prof. B. R. Jadhav 1011026 KumbharAnukulGorakh Acoustic Analysis Of Muffler  
1011210 PanditGorakhPralhadrao
1011437 Mane KunalParmeshwAr
1011372 Nalavade Nikhil Dnyandev
1006088 NipaneDineshkantGajanan
7 Prof. N. K. Chhapkhane 1106119 Patil Omkar Suresh LPG Refrigeration System  
1106111 Palase Prasad Shamrao
1106122 Patil Rohit Ashok
1106121 Patil PravinRamrao
1106116 Patil DhirajVitthalrao
8 Prof. D. S. Chavan 1106131 Patil TejswIniRajendra Entropy Generation Analysis Of Flowthrough Circular Pipe With Nanao Fluid  
1106127 Patil SnehalRajendra
1256009 Patil SagarVijaykumar
1106047 KaulagiSiddharamShrikant
1256005 BaviskarKuldipArun
1256004 KhobragadeDhiraj Manoj
9 Prof. S. N. Jalwadi 1106139 RasalPrajaktaSarjerao Optimization Analysis Of Impeller Of Centrifugal Pump To Incrase Head  
1106156 Sutar Ganesh Arjun
1106150 Shew Ale SwApnilVasantrao
1106144 Saw Ant DhirajNiwas
1106135 Paw ArVikram Ajay
1106129 Patil SurajSatish
10 Prof. M. V. Pisal 1106006 Bartakke Ganesh Chandrakant Automaticbar Feeding Mechanism For Power Hack Saw Machine  
1106038 Joshi ShrihariArun
1106037 JagtapKiranMadhukar
1106036 JagdaleTejasTanaji
1106035 JagadaleJayantSuryakant
11 Prof. S. V. Kadam 1011083 Kalel Ashish Balasaheb Flexibale Precision Seed Planter  
1106125 Patil RohitShashikant
1106124 Patil RohitRaosaheb
1106128 Patil SudhirSubhash
12 Prof. S. V. Kadam 1106055 MagdumVinayakDattatray Heat And Fluid Flow Analysis Of Corrugatd Pipe  
1106046 KarandeJeevanAnnasaheb
1106044 KanapSonalBabasaheb
1106040 KadamSuhasPopat
1106034 JadhavPravinDattatray
1106033 JadhavAbhijitBhaskar
13 Prof. M. B. Mandale 1106136 PawaskarPradnyaHarishchandra Cheep Sweeper MuthaEnggPvt. Ltd., Satara
1106151 ShikalgarZuberFeeroz
1011365 Mane DevendraSureshrao
1106142 Sapkal Nikhil Navnath
1106146 Sharma Krishna Vishnu
1106154 SurveDigvijayJagannath
14 Prof. P. M. Jadhav 1106108 NaukudkarNarendraBharamu Design And Fbrication And Testing Four Br Linkage Robot Using Shape Meory Alloy As An Accuator  
1106052 Kulkarni SuyashMoreshwAr
1106039 KadamNayanTukaram
1106022 Gadkari Rahul Govind
1106018 DevkarSonam Sanjay
1106011 ChavanMadhuraMadhav
15 Prof. C. A. Waghmare 1106051 Kulkarni SanikaJayant Improvements In PVC Pipes Manufacturing Process. GV PolimersMidcIslampur
1106155 SuryawAnshiSwApnilShashikant
1106024 GavadePravinBapurao
1106010 ChandoleSuraj W Amanrao
1106004 Bankar Vishal Uttam
1106003 BagulYogeshDadaji
16 Prof. S. R. Patil 1106126 Patil RutujaSatyaw An Design And DevelomentThermostatise Actuator And Automatic Restrting Mechanism Of An Electric Motar Using Set Memory Alloly  
1106134 Paw ArOmkarVivek
1106137 PharandeSushilMahadeo
1106141 SamantAkhilAvit
1106149 ShelkeHemantSadashiv
17 Prof. M. M. Mirza 1256023 Patil AkshayManik Design &Fabricationof Improved Bullock Cart  
1256017 Patil RohitEknath
1256015 Patil VinayakBaliram
1256007 Patil AkshayDnyaneshwAr
1256001 Mane Dhanashree Vilas
18 Dr. S. D. Patil 1106158 YadavJayesh Narayan Simulation And Analysis Of Gasoline Direct Injection On Two Stroke IC Engine.  
1106164 BiradarAjit Kumar
1106162 BhosalePrashantMahadeo
1106147 ShelakeAjitSatappa
19 Prof. U. M. Nimbalkar 1120016 KilledarSupriyaAnandrao Design And CFD Analysis Of Micro- Hydro Powered Pump.  
1106163 Patil MeghanaRamdas
1256014 Chile JaikisanPandurang
1256010 BhalchimRamdasThakasan
1106061 Mali RavirajRajendra
1256008 ChougulePankajPandurang
20 Prof. A. M. Mulla 1106023 Gaikaw Ad TusharBalaso GEBERA Flower Packing Machine  
1106008 BhosaleRutujaJayaw Ant
1106007 BhaleVishakhaHaribhau
1106005 BansodeVivekYadav
1106001 Alman Shraddha Jingonda
21 Prof. P. V. Gunjvate 1106101 Marde Tukaram Vishnu Design And Development Of A Machine Removing Extra And Unwanted Leaves Of Sugar Cane At The Vegetative Phase Of Growth  
1106059 Mahajan Tushar Basappa
1106009 Chafekanade Vaibhav Baburao
1106002 Amol Malegaonkar
1106057 Mahadik Nikhil Sunil
22 Prof. S. N. Sawant 911197 Jadhav Govind Rupachand Automatic PuranPoli Machine Making Machine  
1006083 Bawane Smita Bhagawan
1006082 Desai Bhagyashri Rajaram
1011025 Kamat Harish Devendra
911095 Lavate Rohit Prakash
911108 Jadhav Deep Pandurang
23 Prof. M. L. Deshpande 1106042 Kalel Reshama Ramesh Antilock Breaking System For Two Wheelers  
1106049 Khot Rekha Tukaram
1256022 Koparde Akshay Balkrishna
1256021 Potdar Prashant Yashwant
1256012 Kamble Kumar Tejpal
1256011 Sude Sadanand Baburao
24 Prof. Miss. D. S. Salunkhe 1106016 Damale Saurabh Sanjay Concept Design And DevelopmentJlebiMaking Machine.  
1106058 Mahajan Ashish Prakash
1106021 Gade Pratik Rajendra
911012 Patil Umesh Ullhas
1106012 Chavan Rohit Deelip
25 Prof. G. L. Suryawanshi 1106120 Patil Pradip Balasaheb Automatic Slide Stand Reractor With Gera Shifting Mechanism  
1256006 Karvar Rohit Subhash
1256018 Savaratkar Yogesh Prakash
1256020 Chavan Siddhanath Dattatray
1256019 Pawar Ajinkya Rajendra
26 Prof. U. M. Nimbalkar 911003 Patil Ajinkya Aravind Analytical And Experimental Study Of Conventional And Composite Leaf Spring  
1011220 Katmore Sudarshan Anil
1011409 Kambale Prashank Sarjerao
1011017 Patil Vaibhav Chandrakant
1011013 Patil Pranil Amrutrao
27 Prof. R. A. Mali 1106103 More Omkar Umesh Implementation Of Hydraulic System On Pocket Milling Machine Menon Piston Pvt. Ltd. Sangli
1106062 Mane Anil Gajanan
1106054 Lohar SwApnil Dhanpal
1106056 Magdum Vinayak Vasant
1106053 Kurundw Ade Chaitanya Sanjay
28 Prof. U. S. Khade 1011365 Mane Devendra Sureshrao Weight Optimization Of Butterfly Valve By Redesiging& FEA Analysis Thorat Industries, Kirloskarwadi
1011310 Kadam Aniket Prakash
1011303 Rathod Gajanan Dharamsing
1011001 Salunkhe Pradeep Prabhakar
29 Prof. R. A. Magdum 911329   Enhancement Of Cutting Process To Minimize Defects By Optimising System Design Thorat Industries, Kirloskarwadi
611350 Kate Sachin Suryakant
811192 Bhaban Swagat Bapuso
911001 Nalawade Vishwatej Vitthalrao
911329 Fulzalake Mangesh Raosaheb
812049 Ladage Bhauso A.
911036 Patil Prasad Vijaykumar
30 Prof. S. B. Khot 1256013 Nadaf Shahin Hamjekhan Study & Testing Of Magnetic Field On Diesel Engine  
1256002 Bobade Ashwini Abhimanyu
1106152 Shimpi Sachin Devidas
1011204 Jadhav Ravikiran Vasantrao
1106133 Patole Onkar Bandu
31 Prof. M. L. Deshpande 911005 Patil Aniket B. Development Of Automatic Triggering System For Drum Brake Engraving Equipment Mahabal Metals Pvt. Ltd. Miraj
911050 Choudhari Yogesh N.
911210 Jadhav Mahesh N.
911017 Patil Alok S.
1021138 Vathare Nikhil Sukumar
811231 Mujavar Nihal Mahamdali
811142 Mahadik Yogesh Shrirang.


“Design and development of manual weeding machine with crop fertilizing arrangement”.

Weeds are one of the major causes of loss of agricultural produce. Various conventional methods of weed removal are time consuming and costly. Also force required for convectional weeding machine is large. So to eliminate these demerits, this weeding machine is designed. It minimizes human efforts as the force required to operate the machine is less and requires only one person for weeding and fertilizer operation. The fertilizing arrangement is designed which spreads fertilizer with uniform distribution over the land and it provides proper mixing with soil. As the weeding and fertilizing process operates simultaneously, so it is helpful for the farmers of rural India with small farming space.

Photograph of working model

Multi Discharge Valve

Multi discharge of valve is 4 in 1 ball valve. It is mainly used in water irrigation system. This is one of the types of ball valve. This valve has 1 inlet and 3 outlets. The size of inlet is twice that of the outlet. Depending upon the requirement such as only 1 open or 2 or 3 open; we can on off the flow from different outlets by simply adjusting handle manually. This can be used in chemical process industry for mixing purpose by interchanging inlets by outlets and vice versa. The cost of this ball valve is 0.5 times less than three same size ball valve and floor space is 0.4 times less than three same size ball valve. Outcome: Ball valve is easy to handle, less effort and maintenance is required as compare to same size ball valve. Also it can replace three ball valve.

Photograph of working model

“Design of commercialized process for manufacturing sweet potato & Dry Ginger Powder”

In this project, design of commercialized process for the production of Sweet Potato and Dry Ginger Powder is done and a detailed business project report consisting required parameters regarding setting up SSI for such product is prepared. Though India is an agro-based nation, it is an unfortunate truth that less than 2% agriculture products are processed further so that they can be stored for longer period, good market value can be given to them and they can be made available during OFF season. In this project the appropriate drying technique is selected and optimized by using thermal modeling and analysis for the respective process and equipment’s required for the process are selected based on selected capacity of plant. Finally technically feasible and financial viable project report is prepared which can open new avenues in entrepreneurship for farmers and entrepreneurs by starting their own SSI for such product.

Photograph of working model

Design, Development and Performance Testing of self-balancing e-Vehicle

The Personal Transporter is a small footprint electrical vehicle designed to more environmentally friendly transportation method. This kind of vehicle is interesting since it contains a lot of technology relevant to an environmentally friendly and energy efficient transportation industry. The main purpose is to design and construct a fully functional o wheeled balancing vehicle which can be used as a means of transportation for a single person. There is also an encouragement for the students to learn areas outside their field of specialty, to form a better holistic understanding for these kinds of system.This kind vehicle contains many of the technologies required to build a hybrid or electrical car, and is sufficiently small to be good platform for experimentation and learning for engineers aiming to build more environmental friendly passenger vehicle. Air pollution, global warming and need of sustainable energy pushes the demands for efficient, green energy powered vehicles. All mechanics, electronics and software were first designed using a top down approach, to promote good structure and division into subsystems. The top down approach is also a good way to make sure no functionality is left unimplemented. All mechanical design is made with the help of the CAD software using a top-down approach. Eve part of the model is then converted to a drawing and printed for use in the mechanical. The component selection required some basic theory of electric motors, drive circuits and batteries acquired from segway literature. This theory in combination with the project goals served as reference when comparing components on the basis of performance, cost, availability and robustness workshop where all mechanics were constructed. The electrical system is also designed using a top-down approach; finally the finished system is tested and assessed relative to the initial purpose.

Photograph of working model

“Automated Capacitor Packaging System.”

The industry “YASHA CAPACITORS PVT LTD.” manufactures the capacitors for variable applications by manual work. They are manufacturing different types and sizescapacitors and production of capacitors per day is variable. Our work is to make resin material and adding into can. In the conventional method they heat oil up to 80-90°C in the container and then add powder and hardener into oil in the proportion of 100:100:16. Then mixture is added into cans as per required quantity. All these processes are carried out manually and workers required are 34. So to avoid this we have designed and developed system. With this system we are going to carried out mainly 3 processes i.e. preparing mixture of heated oil and powder in the tank and adding into can though solenoid valve. Second is addition of hardener in to can. And third is to make proper homogeneous mixture of oil, powder and hardener in the can using stirring mechanism. Cans are supplied thought conveyor and detected by IR sensor. When can is detected then conveyor will be stopped and above 3 processes will be carried out. After stirring cans are taken out manually and electrodes are added into can. Then cans are placed for cooling.


  • By use of this Automated Capacitor Packaging System following outcomes were obtained: Direct contact of resin material with workers is reduced.
  • Wastage of material during material handling is reduced.
  • Homogeneity of material is increased because of stirring mechanism and less human interference.
  • Production rate is increased and maximum 2 workers are required.

Solar Grain Dryer and Roster

Innovative Method for Drying and Roasting of Grains by using solar energy with the help of parabolic trough. This project is completed by Final year mechanical students.

Line Follower Mobile Robot

The robot with built In Intelligence equipped with IR and Optical Sensors follows the line and navigate, built at IUCEE workshop at Chandigarh in Jan 2011. This project is completed by Final year mechanical students.

Pipe Climber Robot

Pneumatically Operated, PLC controlled, robot can climb pipes vertically, mainly useful for Inspection of Pipes and Survey during Natural disasters like earthquake or bomb blast to detect survival of human lives. This project is completed by Final year mechanical students.