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Anti-ragging Squad

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At the institution level anti-ragging squad has been formed. The squad frequently visits places like hostels, canteen, library, play-ground etc.

Anti Ragging Squad (Sub Committees)

Main Building
Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kulkarni Teaching Director, RIT 9970700701
Prof. R. D. Padval Teaching Registrar, RIT 7755992006
Prof. P. M. Mohite Teaching Dean Infrastructure, RIT 9970700882
Prof. M. M. Mirza Teaching Mechanical– Degree 9970700795
Prof. Y. M. Patil Teaching Civil– Degree 9970700766
Prof. Mrs. S. P. Patil Teaching IT– Degree 9970700899
Prof. Manoj Patil Teaching Information Technology 8600600229
Mechanical Building and Workshops
Dr. L. M. Jugulkar Teaching Dean, Student Development, RIT 9970700939
Prof. M. L. Deshpande Teaching Workshop Superintendent 9422039569
Prof. Y. S. Patil Teaching Automobile– Degree 8149240891
Prof. V. B. Choudhari Teaching Mechanical – Diploma 7219202750
Prof. Mrs. S. N. Patil Teaching Civil– Degree 9890459955
Mr. K. D. Uthale NonTeaching Workshop 8600600213
Mr. Anil Shinde NonTeaching Automobile 9970700870
Electrical Building and MBA
Dr. S. K. Patil Teaching Dean, Academics, RIT 9970700790
Dr. Mrs. Hemlata Gaikwad Teaching HOD, MBA, RIT 9422702440
Dr. Mrs. P. A. Jagtap Teaching BBA 9096379494
Prof. Arun Thorat Teaching Electrical- Degree 9970700896
Prof. Subodh Inleshwar Teaching E&TC– Degree 8600600278
Prof. S. S. Karanjkar Teaching MBA 9850703426
Library, Gymkhana, canteen etc
Dr. H. S. Jadhav Teaching Dean, Diploma, RIT 9970700893
Dr. S. N. Yadav Teaching HOD, Science and Humanities, RIT 9860756805
Mr. Sandip Patil   Physical Director 9970700757
Prof. V. C. Patil Teaching Sci.& Hum – Diploma 7410009706
Prof. Mrs. V. S. Nalawade Teaching Sci.& Hum– Diploma 9764003021
Dr. A. B. Kakade Teaching Dean, R & D, RIT 9860457585
Dr. S. R. Patil Teaching Dean Quality Accurance, RIT 9970700710
Dr. S.D. Yadav Teaching Rector RIT 9970700915
Prof. C. A. Waghmare Teaching Mechanical– Degree 9970700817
Shri. Sharad Dupate Dy. Rector RIT, Hostel 7038982586
Shri. Chandarkant Bhalvane Dy. Warden RIT, Hostel 9665203039
Mrs. M. M. Patil NonTeaching COE Office 985007061
Prof. Rahul Patil Teaching Civil– Degree 9922009438