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Mechanical Department is well equipped with Laboratories which provides research facilities for students and faculties. The laboratory contains research equipment which helps to perform experimental research and software helps to perform simulation and modeling.

  • Experimental Stress Analysis Lab
  • Noise and Vibration Lab
  • Tribology Lab
  • Material Science Lab
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Heat power and I.C. Engine
Experimental Stress Analysis Lab
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Utility
1 Transmission  Polariscope Analyzing and recording mechanical stresses and strains in components
2 Reflection Polariscope

Transmission  Polariscope

Reflection Polariscope

Noise and Vibration Lab
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Utility
1. Electrodynamic Shaker 0 – 10kHz To excite the structure for dynamic analysis.
3. FFT Analyzer with Accessories Frequency Range 1Hz to 20kHz To determine natural frequency and used for fault diagnosis.
4. Hand Held Vibration Meter Frequency Range 0.2 Hz to 10 kHz Acceleration 0.1 to 240 m/s^2 To measure overall vibration level and condition monitoring measurements.
6. Sound Level Meter To measure sound pressure level (SPL)
FFT Analyzer Hand Held Vibrometer Electrodynamic Shaker
Sr. No. Name of the Equipment Utility
1. Pin on Disc Tribometer with lubrication system It is widely used for evaluation of wear of metals, ceramics, composites, polymers etc. Conforms to ASTM G 99
2. Abrasion Tester Used in evaluation of dry abrasion resistance of metals, ceramics, polymers, coatings, composites. Conforms to ASTM G 65

Pin on Disc Tribometer with Lubrication System

Dry Abrasion Tester

Material Science Lab  
Sr. No. Name Equipment Utility
1 Magnetic Particle Testing Non-destructive  testing of ferromagnetic material
2 Ultrasonic Testing Non-destructive testing of component
3 Micro-Vickers hardness Testing To check the hardness of the material
4 Optical emission spectrometer This equipment is useful to determine the elemental composition of ferrous alloys, aluminum alloys and copper alloys.
5 Image analyzer system consisting of microscope, image acquisition camera, and image analysis software. This equipment is useful for  Examination of micro structure of ferrous & nonferrous metals to determine the phases present and their amount, grain structure To measure nodularity and inclusion count and check for porosity, measure amount of graphite flakes etc.
6 Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester To check the hardness of the material on different Rockwell scales.
Optical emission spectrometer

Image Analyzer

Micro Vickers Hardness Testing

Ultrasonic Testing Machine

Magnetic Particle Testing

Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester

Heat Power and I.C. Engine Lab

I.C. Engine Lab
Sr. No. Name of Equipment Utility
1. Test Rig of base and alternative fuel Testing of 1.Computer controlled variable compression ration engine 2.Multi-cylinder petrol engine 3.Single cylinder diesel engine
2. Combustion Analyzer   Make: DEWE-RACK-4, DEWE-BOX-CA-EDUC, CA-OPT1, CA-ANGLE-SENSOR-0.2, CA-OPT3 To measure 1. Crank angle based pressure diagram 2. Integrated pressure signal 3. Pressure / Volume diagram 4. Calculated heating process 5. On-line knocking recognition 6. Mathematic Setting 7. Statistical display 8. Data storing and data export to ASCII
3. Two Wheeler Chassis Dynamometer Make: ATE, Maxi. 100 HP at 3000 / 6000 rpm Volumetric Fuel consumption Measurement Unit Braked Type Chassis Dynamometer Performance Tests 1) Normal Mode Test 2) Acceleration Test 3) Braking Test 4) Average Test Plotting Performance Characteristics Curves- a. Vehicle speed v/s HP in different gears b. Vehicle speed v/s torques in different gears c. Vehicle speed v/s tractive effort
4. Eddy Current Dynamometer Make : SAJ Power rating : 80 kW @ 4800 - 9000 rpm Engine Brake Power, Torque, Specific Fuel Consumption, Air Consumption, Mechanical Efficiency, Thermal Efficiency, Friction Power, Indicated Power
5. Microprocessor Based four Gases Auto. Exhaust Analyzer Exhaust Emission Measurement of CO, HC, CO2, O2 (Petrol Engine)CO : 0-9.9 % resolution 0.1% HC : 0-9990 ppm Resolution 10 ppm CO2 : 0 - 19.9 Resolution 0.1 % O2 : 0 - 25 % Resolution: 0.1 % Response time : 10 second Warm up time: 20 min. Power Supply : 230V AC
6. Smoke Meter Exhaust Emission Measurement of Diesel engines Smoke (Diesel Engine) Display indication : light absorption coefficient (k) /% Opacity Warm up time : 15 min. Power requirement : 230 V Display range : 0-9.9 per meter
7. Engine Scanner Engine diagnostics tool (Petrol Engine) Computer controlled system engine analyzer with diesel interface, 80-column printer
8. KAL Equipment Air / Fuel ratio measurement and CO measurement (Petrol Engine)A/F ratio 8 :1 to 16: (Gasoline) A/F ratio 12 :1 to 16 : 1 (Liquid Gas)
Heat Power Lab
1 Sonicator Sonication applies sound energy to agitate particles in a sample solution which can produce nano-emulsion, nano-crystals, liposomes and max emulsions also for waste water purification.
2 Calorific value Measurement Instrument helps to measure calorific value measurement of fuel
3 Rheometer Measurement of fuel viscosity
4 Wind tunnel It is used for measurement of aerodynamic characteristics of object. Using wind tunnel model we can measure aerodynamic forces, pressure distribution etc.

Wind Tunnel

Modeling and Simulation
SN Name of Software Utility
1. CATIA V5, NX-CAD CAD modeling and customization
2. ANSYS, Abacus Finite Element Analysis
3. Hypermesh Component meshing
4. NX-CAM CNC Simulation and machining
5. Witness Industrial layout design and optimization
6. TimePro Time and motion study of industrial layout
Other Lab Equipment
Sr. No. Name of the Equipment Utility
1. Rheometer It is used to measure a liquid’s suspensions or slurries flow when force is applied to it. Many fluids can be tested with a rheometer when a single numerical viscosity value cannot determine them due to their components. The rheometer tests a fluid’s rheology. Characterization of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids using Modular Compact Rheometer MCR-52
2. 3D Printing It helps to create 3D model using additive manufacturing process
3D Printing Machine


Sr. No. Name of the Equipment Utility
1. Electro-discharge Machine It is used to machine complex components also used for die making, mold making, small drilling etc.
2. CNC Lathe It is used for machining complex cylindrical parts using computer interface.

Electro-discharge Machine

CNC Lathe