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Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Research Areas
1 Dr. H. V. Gaikwad Leadership Gender Diversity Organization Behaviour Educational Transformations
2 Prof. P. Kulkarni Service Marketing Automobile Dealers Workshop Management European Management systems
3 Dr. S. S. Desai Retail Management Consumer Behaviour Marketing Management Outcome Based Education
4 Dr. M. V. Jagtap Micro Finance Banking Financial Management Financial Inclusion
5 Dr. V. S. Kadam Talent Management Employee engagement & work culture Organizational Behavior Entrepreneurship Development
6 Prof. S. S. Karanjkar Materials & Inventory Management Cost Management Entrepreneurship Development Total Quality Management
7 Prof. K. S. Patil Financial Management Investment Management Banking and Finance Financial Services
8 Prof. J. S. Yadav Information System Human Resource Organizational Culture Work life balance
9 Prof. M. U. Tilve Human Resource Entrepreneurship development Marketing management Human Resource management
10 Prof. S. D. Jadhav Behavioral Finance Investment Management Financial Markets Financial Management