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DATE : 11/10/2019

Time: 9:30 am

Participants/ Attendees: 25 Participants


Participating in Road Safety campaigning was challenging hence lot of team meetings were taken to discuss various activities to be done during road safety campaigning. Team came up with idea of role play and the same was practiced during practice sessions.

Team decided to work on poster presentation and road play to give a clear idea of safety campaigning. Meetings were held to discuss information which had to be delivered during the campaigning.  Post practicing, the school selected for campaigning was requested for permission to perform role play at the school.

Permission was granted and team had put up various scenes under role play. The role play was performed to give the audience an idea of causes of road accidents and road safety measures.

Activities conducted and event details:

                The activity for promoting road safety measures was done through poster presentation and role play. The objective of event was to provide information on ISAFE and initiative taken to promote road safety measures.

Role play: It conducted 4 scenes and each scene stated the cause of road accidents.

  • Scene 1: The child is in hurry to meet his friends and is almost ready to ride his bike. His mother calls him and reminds him to wear his helmet but the child refuses to wear the helmet. Not using precaution and speedy ride led to road accident of this child.
  • Scene 2: A group of 3 friends come together and go for a ride. As there was only one bike, all the three sit in one bike and avoid to follow traffic rules of safety, a truck driver passing nearby hits the bike and this ends up the lives of three friends.
  • Scene 3: A boy gets impressed by a girls beauty while riding his bike. He was so spell bound that he kept on following her until he lost his track and met an accident with another bike. The bike rider calls up the police and he had to pay the bills for not carrying important documents related to driving a car or riding a bike.
  • Scene 4: 3 friends enjoyed at a party got drunk and drove a car. Meanwhile they dashed two girls crossing road and they filed a case regarding drink and drive.
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Cleaning activity during Flood

Cleaning activity during Flood

Cloth Donation

ClothDonation 02

ClothDonation 03

Cloth Donation

A Cloth Donation Drive was carried out by Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Rajaramnagar, Islampur, Indian Redcross Society- Sangli Branch and  Vijaymala Anath Aashram between 01-December-2016 to 05-January 2017.

The drive received overwhelming response from the Students in donating and collecting the clothes as well as many needy people in the Vicinity. The clothes were donated via drop boxes put across the institute. After the sorting and cleaning of the collected clothes “A Wall of Humanity” was created at Red-Cross Chowk, Sangli in association with Indian Redcross Society- Sangli Branch. Many homeless and needy people took away the clothes for use. Another lot of clothes was handed over to Vijaymala Anath Aashram. 

The students who participated in the drive were able to understand the needs of society and this drive was a step closer to make them socially responsible managers as well as deep understanding of professional, ethical and social aspects required for participation and leadership in their communities.