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Research Consultancy Research Facilities

1. Power Electronics and Drives Lab

A. ARM CORTEX 32-bit controller kit

For controlling converters and developing Logic

Electrical RF 01

B. Power Analyser

For measurement and capturing Electrical data

Electrical RF 02


For measurement and capturing Electrical data

Electrical RF 03


2. Renewable energy lab

A. Wind Emulator Set-up

Wind Generation Study & Experiments

Electrical RF 04

B. Solar Simulator

Solar PV Simulation study & Experiments

Electrical RF 05

3. Control system lab

A. Quanser Qube servo Set-up    

Control system design experiments

Electrical RF 06

B. Multi Process control system  

To study closed loop process

Electrical RF 07

C. PLC SCADA and HMI trainer kit

Industrial automation experiments

Electrical RF 08

4. Microprocessor & Microcontroller lab

A. Microprocessor 8085 experiment kit

To perform microprocessor study & experiments

Electrical RF 09

B. Microcontroller 8051 experiment kit

To perform microcontroller study & experiments

Electrical RF 10

C. PIC development board

For UG & PG project work

Electrical RF 11

D. ADC to DAC converter card

To do interfacing of various devices

Electrical RF 12

5. Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

A. LCR Meter

For Measurement of Electrical Parameters

Electrical RF 13

6. Switchgear and Protection Lab

A. Transmission line protection simulator

To simulate and study distance protection

Electrical RF 14

7. Machines Lab

A. Electrical Machines Test Bench

For performance testing of machines from 3hp to 10hp

Electrical RF 15

8. High Voltage Engineering Lab

A. Transformer oil testing Kit

Testing Transformer oil up to 60 KVA Rating

Electrical RF 16