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Sr. No. Faculty Name Project Title Fund Received (Rs) Funding Agency AY
1 Dr. H. T. Jadav Design optimization of solar micro inverter for low power application 18000/- RIT, Seed funding 2020-21
2 Dr. V. N. Kalkhambkar Modernization of Power System Engineering Laboratory 11,00,000 AICTE (MODROBS) 2019-20
3 Dr. V. N. Kalkhambkar Recent Trends in Electrical Power Systems 2,00,000 AICTE 2018-19
4 Dr. V. N. Kalkhambkar Dynamic Power Factor Improvement Device 30,000 RIT, Seed funding 2018-19
5 Dr. V. N. Kalkhambkar Energy Management for solar PV system with energy storage 15,000 RIT, Seed funding 2018-19
6 Dr. H. T. Jadhav in collaboration research scheme with government engineering college, Raipur Design and Development of Advanced Smart efficient battery charging station for EV application 13,22,000 TEQIP 2018-19
7 Dr. H. T. Jadhav Installation service of capacitor on farmers irrigation motor pump for examine the PF. 77,880 IIT, Bombay 2017-18
8 A. R. Thorat Hybrid Tri-Cycle (in collaboration with Automobile department, RIT). 30,000 RIT, Seed funding 2017-18
9 R. A. Metri Automatic shirt folding machine 20,000 RIT, Seed funding 2017-18
10 Mr. A R Thorat Study to examine agriculture consumption in Maharashtra 94,462 CTARA, IIT Bombay 2016-17