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About Virtual Laboratory

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A virtual teaching and learning environment designed to improve students' laboratory abilities is referred to as a virtual lab.

Students can conduct a variety of experiments in a virtual lab without being restricted by time or location. Virtual laboratories use a variety of instructional strategies to aid students in understanding the theoretical material. These methods include narrative, visual learning, active learning, learning by fun & storytelling.   It Incorporates various pedagogical techniques that help learners to better understand the theoretical information and promote student centric activity of OBE philosophy.

Additionally, it helps students acquire practical lab experience that will enable them to conduct experiments and hone their abilities in a risk-free and engaging learning setting.


Virtual Apps  

Sr. No. Name of laboratory Downloading Link
1 Basic Electrical Engineering Lab https://drive.google.com/file/d/11_gtXxUyCgR7_bWWMl9HIw5jlBDKFDgM/view?usp=sharing