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Department teachers paying tribute to Sir M. Vishweshwarayya (Engineer’s Day Celebration – 15th September,2021)

Robotics competition 2021 01

Inauguration function of Robotics competition – ROBOCAD

(ROBOCAD – Technical Competition on   25th March, 2022)

Robotics competition 2021 02                Robotics competition 2021 03

Robocad Participants

Poster Presentation competition 2022

Inauguration of Poster Presentation competition “Abhivyakti” on 10th December, 2021

Poster Presentation competition 2022 02

Organizing TEAM for “Abhivyakti”- Poster presentation competition

Poster Presentation competition 2022 03

Poster of winner of  Presentation Competition – “Abhivyakti”




EESA (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Student Association) under Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department organized a state Level Event “ETRON 2K21”. More than 100 Students have enrolled for these events across various colleges in Maharashtra. The purpose of this event is to develop Professional skills and competitive environment in early stage of student life

Name of Event Student Co-ordinator
CIRCUITRON Ms.Shahin.M.Momin Mr.Swaroop.G.Shinde
PROJECT FAIR Ms.Simran.S.Momin Ms.Rutuja .R.Rajput
CAMPUS ARENA Mr.Rohan Rokade
IPL BATTLE Mr. Omkar Patil








ETC & CSE dept.- successfully organized “IDEATHON2k21” competition for faculty and students of CSE & ETC Dept. under R & D cell in assistance with EESA & CESA on 11th Feb 2021.Students & faculties of both dept. have participated in this event. Dr.M.S.Patil-HOD ETC dept. & Dr.N.V.Dharwadkar-HOD-CSE dept. have inaugurated the event. Prof R.T.Patil, Dr.J.S.Awati, from ETC Dept. & Dr.S.A.Thorat, Prof..S.U.Mane from CSE Dept.have evaluated the idea presentation in Ideathon2k21. This competition is coordinated by, Dr. S. S. Patil - DRC , CSE Dept. & Mrs. V. S. Patil - DRC, ETC Dept. On behalf of E&TC and CSE dept

Name of the winners are:

1st Rank: Yadav Sakshi Satish, Shinde Omkar Kiran (SY- ETC): Crowd Limitation to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

2nd Rank: Shubham Rajendra Karne, Alfia Ajim Pathan, Priya Abasaheb Waghamode, Aishwarya Suryakant Lawand (B Tech - CSE): TeleHealthcare Management System.

3rd Rank: Ashwini Gavade, Madhuri Sathe, Shradha Kumbhar (TA - CSE)-



The EESA Committee had organized the “MIND SPARK” event on 12th of February 2021. There were two rounds, round 1, aptitude quiz and round 2 was picture description.



Winners of the Mind Spark Event:

  • First Rank: Yogada Pawar
  • Second Rank: Aleem Munshi and Mr. Tanmay Bhosale


Live Interaction with UPSC Aspirants



Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. dept. successfully organized state Level online Webinar “Live Interaction with UPSC Aspirants” On the occasion of Maharashtra day -1st May 2021. 220+ Students & faculties from different regions have participated in this webinar. Dr. S.S. Kulkarni-Director-RIT, Dr. M.S. Patil-HOD ETC dept. have inaugurated the event. IPS Officer Mr.Nimish Dashrath Patil (UPSC2019) was the chief guest speaker for the webinar. He guided all the students for their career by giving preparation tips for competitive examination. The session was very interactive

PYTHON Workshop



Electronics & Telecommunication Engg., dept. successfully organized one day online webinar “PYTHON workshop” on -9th May 2021. 50+ Students from dif- ferent colleges have participated in this webinar. Dr. M.S. Patil-HOD ETC dept., Mrs. S.S. Patil –Alumni Incharge-ETC Dept. have inaugurated the webinar. Mr. Siddhesh Shirsat , Associate consultant- ZS Associates was the chief guest speak- er for the webinar. He has area of   expertise in   the   field   of   data   model- ling, python coding and SQL coding. He guided all the students for basics of python programming and have given the exposure to pycharm, with all advanced concepts to PYTHON. This webinar is organized by EESA team with Nisha Shete, Rohan Rokade as team leader under the guidance of Mrs. V.S. Patil, EESA coordinator.



Date of Event:  2nd  & 3rd March, 2020

RIT is a premier college for technical, cultural or sports. It’s pleasure to inform you that we set some exceptional benchmarks organization which has always encouraged students and staff members alike to participate in various events and activities, throughout this semester.

EESA (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering students association) is the platform provided for E & TC students to improve their management and leadership skills. The most fascinating event that is organized by EESA is the ETRON, a national level technical and non-technical symposium with utmost enthusiasm. About 500 students from different colleges participated in this 2 day event and made this event a grand success The ETRON consisted of major four technical events as Roborace, Circuitron, Idea Presentation and Project Competition respectively.

1. Roborace

In this technical competition participants have to design a Robot either wired or wireless within the specified dimensions that can operated manually and can travel through all turns of the track. The robot that will complete the specified task in least time will be the winner. Robots have to overcome any obstacle-big or small in the least of time.


2. Circuitron

It was the event which tested the knowledge of students regarding the electronic circuits. In this students were judged on three technical rounds. First round was technical aptitude test. In the second round of treasure hunt, participants were given Map of department, and the technical puzzle sheet. According to that students have to find the components in the department in a given time limit. At the end they need to build and test the circuit as per given problem.


3. Idea presentation

The event comprised with the blast of ideas. Students expressed their vivid ideas through presentation and posters. Ideas were judged by considering novelty as significant feature along with other features like presentation skills.


4. Project competition

In this event, students presented their projects which depicted a solution to problems. The project competition provides an excellent opportunity to the students to showcase their talent, research orientation and untapped potential. The goal of this competition is to prepare the future generation of engineers not only problem solvers but to be innovative leaders and responsible citizens. Inauguration of Project Competition Technical Event was held by the hands of Dr. A. B. Kakade- Dean R & D, RIT, Dr.M.S.Patil- HOD ETC Dept., Prof. V.S.Patil , Prof S.S.Patil and Prof.P.P.More


Many of the students from our college and other colleges actively participated in these events. Each event had 35 to 40 participants, who showed their skills through the respective events. The refreshments were provided to participants. The winners and runner ups for the respective events were chosen and they were felicitated with a certificate and award trophy. The event was carried successfully under the guidance of our HOD Mr. M S Patil. Professor Mrs.Vilabha Patil has worked as coordinator for ETRON 2020. Mr. Randhir Patil and Mr. Aniket Prabhavalikar have also worked as event coordinators and helped student coordinators to make this event huge success.


Faculty advisor's name, cell no.& mail id: Prof. B. N. Holkar, 9158068457, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Title of activity and period: A state-level symposium held on 7th and 8th Sept.

The theme for RSF: Technical competitions for engineering students.

Chief guest: Mr. Vivek Sabnis

Special guest: Dr. Dilip Patwardhan

No. of students participated: 380

Student achievement:

Sr. No Student Name Event Prize
1 Mr. Sanket Patil Ms. Priti Lokhande Circuitron Runner up
2 Mr. Darshan Mali Codex Winner
3 Mr. Suaurav Pakale Mr. Pranav Raut Codex Runner up
4 Mr. Hrishikesh Nikam Emergia Winner
5 Mr. Shreevardhan Patil Emergia Runner up
6 Ms. Anku Rani High-heir Runner up
7 Mr. Tejas Zagade I-cup Winner
Sr. No Name of Student coordinator for the event Event Date College
1 Ms. Sonal Mr. Saurabh I-cup 07/09/2018 RIT
2 Ms. Ritu Ms. Diksha Mr. Pawan Emergia 08/09/2018 RIT
3 Mr. Sandip Ms. Reema Curcuitron 07/09/2018 RIT
4 Mr. Abuzar Ms. Archana µ-geeks 08/09/2018 RIT
5 Ms. Shivani Mr. Manik Hallabol 07/09/2018 RIT
6 Ms. Muskan Mr. Abhijeet High-heir 07/09/2018 RIT
7 Ms. Ravina Mr. Aditya Codex 08/09/2018 RIT
8 Ms. Mansvi Ms. Sanali Quizwiz 07/09/2018 RIT
9 Ms. Rushika Ms. Pranita Free Talent 08/09/208 RIT


Name of student association/club/chapter: ETRON 2K17
Faculty advisor's name, cell no. & mail id:
 Mr. B. N. Holkar, 9158068457, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Title of activity and period: A state-level symposium held on 6th and 7th October.

The theme for RSF: Technical competitions for engineering students.

No. of RIT students participated: 417 entries
Student achievement:

  • AkshayPawar and Rushikesh Attar got first prize in I-cup event.
  • Chaitanya Patil got the second prize in Emergia event.
  • Harshwardhan Patil and Rutwij Patil got first prize in circuitron event
Sr. No Name of Student coordinator for event Event Date College
1 Ms. Shreya Ms. Sapna I-cup 06/09/2017 RIT
2 Ms. Alish Ms. Arati Emergia 06/09/2017 RIT
3 Mr. Harshal Ms. Amruta Curcuitron 06/09/2017 RIT
4 Mr. Akash Ms. Ashwini µ-geeks 06/09/2017 RIT
5 Ms. Shruti Ms. Shitall Hallabol 07/09/2017 RIT
6 Ms. Nilofer Ms. Anku High-heir 07/09/2017 RIT
7 Ms. Ruchi Ms. Apurva Codex 07/09/2017 RIT
8 Mr. Vaibhav Mr. Vinayak Quizwiz 07/09/2017 RIT