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Approved Supervisor(s) List:

  • Dr. M. S. Patil
  • Dr. A. B. Kakade
  • Dr. M. S. Kumbhar

List of Ph.D. Candidates:

Sr. No. Name of Research Scholar Name Research Supervisor Title of Research Year of Registration    
1. Nayan J. Kotmire Dr. A.B.Kakade Analysis and design of charger for electric vehicle 2018-19
2. Anjali H. Tipale Dr. A.B.Kakade Development of segmentation algorithm for 3D magnetic resonance Images of brain and performance analysis using deep learning 2018-19
3. Reshma Bhai Dr.M.S.Patil Enhancement in interoperability for Heterogeneous Intelligent Self organized Internet of Things using Software Defined Networks 2019-20
4. Amol R. Sutar Dr.M.S.Patil Design and Performance Evaluation of a DC Fast Charging System for Electric Vehicles 2020-21
5. Kirankumar G. Sutar Dr.M.S.Patil Performance Analysis of Real Time Positioning of Fish Based on Acoustic Telemetry and Monitoring of Fish Farming using Internet of Fish 2020-21  
6. Amit B. Jadhav Dr.M.S.Patil Performance Evaluation of Current Ripple Minimization Techniques for BLDC Motor Drive in Electric Vehicle 2020-21
7. Sneha B.Paymal Dr.M.S.Patil Multitask Deep Learning Approach for Monitoring Elderly People at Home using an Action Recognition Mechanism 2020-21
8. Aditi P. Patil Dr.M.S.Patil Artificial Intelligence for Instinctive Diagnosis of Sugarcane Diseases and Alert System using IOT in Agriculture 2021-22