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Sr. No. Patent app.  No. Title of Invention Name of Faculty/Student
Year 2019-20
1. 201923051203 An Improved Saline Monitoring And Control System Date of filing:11-12-2019 Dr. A. B. Kakade
2. 201921051912 Hygienic Contactless Switch To Operate Electric Appliances  Date of filing:14-12-2019 Dr. A. B. Kakade
3. 202021004016 Energy monitoring and dynamic power control system. Date of filing: 29-01-2020 Mr. Shubham Omase, Dr. A. B. Kakade, Prof. R. T. Patil, Dr. H. T. Jadhav
Year 2018-19
1. 201921005233 Saline Monitoring System Dr. A. B. Kakade, Prof. B. N. Holkar, Ms. Kalpana B. Pachore, Prof. R. J. Patil, Prof. T. S. Kambale
Year 2017-18  
2. 201721028962 System And Method For Efficient Control Of Room Temperature Dr. A. B. Kakade
3. 201821004125 Automatic Sugar cane plantation machine Dr. A. B. Kakade
Year 2016-17
4. 286267 Curd Maker Dr. A. B. Kakade
5. 287438 Automatic Curd maker Dr. A. B. Kakade
6. 201621033852 System and Method for Fermentation of Batter Dr. A. B. Kakade
7. 201621033974 Automatic Bhel Vending Machine Dr. Mahadev. S. Patil, Mr. Mali Ajinkya Ashok
Year 2015-16
8. 1455/MUM/2015 “System and method for detection of adulterated milk” Dr. A. B. Kakade
9. 1453/MUM/2015 “Weed Removal System and Method” Dr. A. B. Kakade
Year 2013-14
10. 2972/MUM/2013 An apparatus for preparing curd Dr. A. B. Kakade
11. 2971/MUM/2013 Vibration Massager Dr. A. B. Kakade
12. 3271/MUM/2013 An apparatus for heart blockage diagnosis Prof.  Anandrao Bajirao Kakade, Bharat Sukumar Shete, Rohan Pandurang Hajare, Prof. Mahesh Shivajirao kumbhar.
13. 4087/MUM/2013 Tracking system for vehicles with people flow management Prof. Kumbhar Mahesh Shivaji, Miss. Desai Swapnali Shrikant 
14. 3867/MUM/2013 Automatic agricultural chemical sprayer Prof.(Mrs.) Awati Jayashree Sudhir
15. 3363/MUM/2013 Electronic Geometric compasses Prof. Satyawan R. Jagtap 
16. 91/MUM/2014 Electronic Baby cradle Prof. Mahadev Satappa Patil