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Visit of Dr. Vishwas R. Udpikar

(AICTE-INAE Distinguished Visiting Professorship Scheme) 

Interaction with UG/PG students & Research Scholars:

All students are very much excited by the morning Expert lecture delivered by Dr. Udpikar. The final year B.Tech students have got clarified their technical queries from their B.Tech final year Capstone project. Questions based on various topics like Image processing, Signal Processing, Remote device sensing and Biomedical Imaging have been asked and Dr. Udpikar answered their question in detail. PG students have also clarified their queries based on the problems faced by them in FPGA based signal Processing, floating point & fixed point computations. Some FY M.Tech students have shown interest in internship program offered by SCICOM and other allied groups. Dr. Udpikar has shown positive interest & will send the plan to department.

Research Scholars discussed on the research area applications in the field of VLSI, IoT and Biomedical Image processing. Mr. Sachin Magdum discussed his research topic “Thermal Management of FPGA based multicore processors”. Dr. Udpikar has even asked to share the publication done on his topic. Similarly Mr. S S Ingaleshwar has discussed his to “Design and Performance evaluation of watermarking schemes in Biomedical Images”. Mrs. S S Patil & Mrs. J S Awati also discussed their research update with Dr. Udpikar.

Interaction with Faculties:

Dr. Udpikar sir congratulate us for effective implementation of Autonomy in our Institution. He started describing theever changing need of the industry and how the recent advancement in the industry has changed the paradigm of Employability. The Institution like ours should prepare them-selves for this unavoidable change.

Sir has stressed upon the inclusion of Python programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning in the curriculum. He also suggested establishing PLC-Forbes Marshall center of excellence in the department. He also suggested undergoing online courses offered by various platforms like NPTEl, UDEMY, Coursera, EDX etc.

Dr. Udpikar also met NETRA RIT Liason Mr. Vivek Subnis, DIRECTOR, QUALCOM INDIA Pvt. Ltd. and discussed the changes to be incorporated in Institution in their respective capacities and how positive the Institution is responding to accommodate these changes.

Visit to Incubi ties and Patent Office:

Dr. Udpikar sir visited the different startup started in Institution campus premises along with Dean R & D Dr. A B Kakade, HOD Dr. M S Patil & DRC Mr. Subodh Ingaleshwar. We have showcased our patents and products & received guidance from Dr. Udpikar. Sir also expressed to work on collaborative projects and apply for funding agency like DST etc. The measurement of sugar contents in sugarcane can be a potential project & decided to write research proposal.

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