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Past Events-2022-23

Guest Lecture on “Path to Overseas Higher Education and Opportunities in Electronics field” delivered by Mr. Ashish Patil, Sr. Engineer, Qualcomm, San-Diego, California, USA on 24th November 2022 at 1.00PM to 3.00PM for Final year students.


One Day Workshop Let’s Simulate on Circuit Simulation Using Proteus Software was organized on 5th November 2022 by ETESA, ETC Department.


Past Events-2021-22

ETC department has organized National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Electric-Mobility & Sustainable Development: Opportunities & Challenges”, Under the Aegis of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, an event by Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra on 13th & 14th May 2022.




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ETC department has organized AICTE funded One-week online ATAL Faculty Development Program on “Real Time Embedded and IoT Systems: An Experiential Learning” Date: 6th – 10th Dec., 2021


Past Events-2020-21

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized a one-day Workshop on Report Writing Techniques on 27th March 2021. Total 09 Post Graduate students from ETC department and 7 PG students from outside RIT participated in the workshop. All participants write report using autoindexing, autoformatting and auto labelling. We have received very good feedback from participants. Experts delivered the lectures and practical sessions.

EventOrg 2021 01

  • The Electronics and Telecommunication department organized a one-day Workshop on Industrial Automation _ PLC / Robotics on 25th March to 26th March 2021. Total 11 Post Graduate students from the ETC department and 04 PG students from outside RIT participated in the workshop. All participants perform the PLC hands on practical   with Codesys PLC software and perform the real time interfacing with Siemens PLC. We have received very good feedback from participants. Experts delivered the lectures and practical sessions.

EventOrg 2021 02

  • ETC department has organized One day workshop on ‘B Tech Syllabus setting’, on dated on 26th Dec. 2020. Resource person for this workshop were Mr. Abhijeet Dhabole, Senior Manager-Network Consultant, Tata Communication Transformation Services, Pune and Prof. Y. M. Patil, Professor and Controller of Examinations at KIT Kolhapur

EventOrg 2021 04

  • Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Department organized workshop Virtual Internship Program in Collaboration with Global Engineering Dean’s Council India Chapter on VLSI FRONT END DESIGN AND VERIFICATION dated 22nd June to 22nd July 2020.The proposed course dealt with the current industry requirements in VLSI front design namely digital system design, RTL modelling, Software verification and hardware testing of digital circuits/systems. This benefits for the students to get exposure to industry opportunities and acquainted with industrial work culture similarly, researchers to contribute in solving social problems with technology to benefit the larger community and product developers to reach quick time to market. This course also provides experiential learning with industrial grade advanced tools and hardware that leads students to carry out the project and make their career in VLSI industry.

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Past Events-2019-20

  • Department of E & TC, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology had organized AICTE funded FDP on “Embedded Systems & IoT” from Nov 11 to Nov 22, 2019. From the feedback given by participants, it is concluded as the FDP was well received and the purpose of imparting conceptual knowledge along with practical exposure has been attained effectively. Participants from nearby regions were equally represented in accordance with AICTE norm and regulations. There were 40 participants enrolled, out of them 8 faculties are in house, 6 are from Polytechnic Institute, 2 Research Scholars from engineering colleges, and 24 participants from various outside engineering colleges from districts like Pune, Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Karad and Miraj etc. Organising committee has concentrated on perfect blend of conceptual knowledge (mind instigating, application-oriented sessions) for first 3 days and subsequent seven days of practical exposure sessions.
  • First day started with discussion on latest techno savvy applications designed and developed by SCI-COM Pvt. Ltd and presented by its Director, Dr. V. R.
  • Second day session by Dr. Damodar Reddy, NIT-Goa with demonstration of his patented product to the participants. A product development session by Dr. A.B. Kakade Dean R and D, from host institutes also organized by participant demand.
  • Third day Visveswaraya Technological University Regional Research Head Dr. Rashmi Rachh delivering on research challenges exist in domain of AL, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Next seven days are full practical sessions by industries on VLSI based IoT platforms by CoreEL Technology, embedded system based IoT platforms by Digitoad Technologies Banglore and MATLAB based Model Based Development (MBD) by former researcher from Robert Bosch Mr. Venkatesh Mane.

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  • Department has organized the 75 hours hands on VLSI certification course in “RTL based Embedded System Design using FPGA” in association with CoreEL Technologies, Pvt.Ltd Banglore (Xilinx Authorised Training Partner)  held on  3rd  Dec to 14th  Dec 2019  at  ETC Department VLSI Lab. Total 26 participants have attended the course.

Resource Persons:

1. Prof. Sachin Magadum, RIT Rajaramnagar

2. Mr. Sandeep Alatagi, CoreEL Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pune

The outcomes of the course are as follows.

    • Gain practical approach to Provide solution to real time problems by designing industry grade models in VLSI domain
    • Implement real time problems using VLSI design
    • Identify and resolve bugs in design modeling
    • Hardware realization of digital signal processing applications
    • Interview preparation related to VLSI Design and Verification openings
    • Research scope in VLSI with demonstration of two research projects
    • Advanced training materials will be provided including interview questions on VLSI Design

Glimpse of Certification course:

EventOrg 02

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized a one-day workshop on Industrial Automation using PLC on 14 March 2020. Total 10 faculties participated in the workshop. We have received good response from participants. 05 participants are from the Annasaheb Dange College of Engineering, Ashta and 01 participant is from the D.Y. Patil Polytechnic, Kolhapur. 05 participants are from the Rajarambapu Institute of Technology. 01 Participant from Pune. Faculties developed small industrial projects in workshop. Faculties excited to perform experiments on Codesys, Simens TIA and Simens Logo. We have received very good feedback from participants. PLC Experts delivered the lectures and practical sessions.

EventOrg 03

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized a One-day Seminar. Amar Kalvikatte, Chief Technology Officer, Liberty Global, Europe Region, Alumnus B. E. Electronics (Batch-2001) delivered One day Seminar on “Empowering today’s students for creating better future tomorrow through Emerging Technology” on Wednesday 28 August 2019.

In the first session, he addressed Second and Third year E & TC Engineering and Third Year Computer Science and Engineering students. He exposed Cloud and Edge Computing, Data Analytics, IOT, Block Chain. He also presented statistics of opportunities for placement in India and abroad.

In the second session, he delivered a talk on “Leading across Boarders and Cultures in Digital age” especially for Final Year E & TC Engineering and BBA, MBA students. He touched the aspects of International Business, Scale/expansion, Financing, Innovation / Marketing/sales/Supply Chain. He also focused on Way of working, Creating Competitive advantage through diversity and Inclusion, Building a high performing Teams.

Session three was especially dedicated to interaction with faculty and Training and Placement coordinator to Prepare students for better placements. He provided valuable input from the international point of view. 

EventOrg 04

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized Two Days workshop on Deep Learning & Computer Vision” dated on 14th & 15th September 2019. The resource person for the training was   Milind Kamble (Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune)

`Deep Learning is a specialized form of Machine Learning that uses supervised, unsupervised, or semi-supervised learning to learn from data representations. It is similar to the structure and function of the human nervous system, where a complex network of interconnected computation units work in a coordinated fashion to process complex information. Machine Learning is an approach or subset of Artificial Intelligence that is based on the idea that machines can be given access to data along with the ability to learn from it. Deep Learning takes Machine Learning to the next level.         

The main objective of this workshop is to give insights on principles of Deep Learning and make participants to build deep neural networks for solving real-world problems using Tensor Flow which is popular deep learning framework.

EventOrg 05

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized Expert lecture on ‘Industrial Automation’ on 12th July 2019. Resource person was Prabhakar Gawali, HOD (Automation), Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pune

EventOrg 06

  • Industry visit to All India Radio, High Power Transmitter, Bambolim, Goa for S.Y. B. Tech Students on 4th October 2019

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  EventOrg 08

Post Events-2018-19

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized One day Workshop on CAN

Communication Protocol Resource Person for this workshop was Prof. Vekatesh Mane, BVB Hubli

The objectives of this workshop are as follows

1. Give insight  to the concept of  CAN communication Protocol in embedded systems

2. Deisgn CAN Communication Protocol for real time application

3. Hands on experience on implementation of CAN Protocol

4. Motivate participants implement CAN communication protocol in AEV project

The outcomes of this workshop are as follows

1. Participants are able to build CAN communication Protocol

2. Participants designed & implemented CAN Communication Protocol between multiple masters and slaves

3. Participants aware about open source tools and ARM borads to build real time applications

4.Motivated participants to use this concept in AEV Project

EventOrg 09

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized One day Workshop on S.Y. B. Tech E&TC Curriculum Setting dated on 14-11-2018. Resourse person for this workshop was Dr. A. M. Sapkal Professor, Head ETC Department GCE Karad and Mr. Santosh Chavan Cofounder, Creativewave Mumbai

EventOrg 10

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized One day Workshop on PLC Training. Resource person for this workshop was Mr. Umesh Dhende, Sun Group & Engineers.

Objectives of Training:

1. To make students aware of placement opportuities in Industrial automation

2. To train students on latest technology – Siemens PLC Hardware and Software.

Training Details:

    • Review of hardware configuration
    • Review of block types, ladder diagram, data types, IO modules, CPU
    • Ladder programming with the help of tutorial programs.
    • Editing and modifying programs.
    • Interfacing software with PLC
    • Hands on practice on Simens PLC

The training started with discussion on opportunities in industrial automation. Resource person informed students about the latest trends in the area, skills required to get placements and some company details. Then little introduction of Simens PLC was given and then training on given contents was conducted.

EventOrg 11

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized Two day Workshop on PLC in Automation

Highlights of Workshop:

Workshop has been conducted on 23rd and 24th March 2019 from 10.00AM to 5.00PM. This workshop covered following contents: Basics of PLC, Architecture, I/O addressing, Codesys software, TIA Portal V3 ladder diagram programming with hands on experiments on PLC Siemens Simatic S7-1200(C1214C/DC/DC/RLY)


    • Explain basics of Programmable Logic Controller.
    • Develop a ladder diagram using PLC software and simulate it.
    • Apply knowledge of PLC programming to real-life industrial problems and implement using hardware.

EventOrg 12

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized Two week VLSI Certification Course on ‘VLSI Front End Design and Verification’ from 10th Dec to 23rd Dec 2018

Outcomes of this Certification Course are,

    • Students have adapted to the VLSI Domain.
    • Students are confident to face interview in companies working in VLSI domain.
    • Working capability of students has been increased tremendously.
    • Students acquire the skill of problem solving for any randomly assigned problem.
    • Students are able to cope positively for lifelong learning.

EventOrg 13

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized One day workshop on ‘Wireless Sensor Networks’ on 02nd 2019

EventOrg 14

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized One day Seminar on Nuclear Medicine under Bhabha Atomic Research Centre’s Outreach Activity

Nuclear Medicines:

Nuclear medicines make use of radiation emitted by radioisotopes. Detecting these emissions and transforming them into images is the basis of nuclear medicines. Scientists have identified a number of chemicals that are absorbed by specific organs. With this knowledge, several radiopharmaceuticals have been developed. These are compounds that are tagged with radioisotopes for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, which are injected into the patient’s body.

Radiopharmaceuticals injected into a patient produce a signal, which can be seen using a gamma camera- a device that detects gamma radiation. It is possible to show both organ function and possible to show both organ function and the development of the disease within it. Nuclear medicine is used for controlling or eliminating cancerous growths formed by rapidly dividing cells.  


All Final Year and Third Year B. Tech Students

Resource Person: Dr. Sunita Nitin Sonavane

Consultant Nuclear Medicine and Scintific Officer “E” Radiation Medicine Centre, Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET/CT , Unit of BARC , Parel Mumbai

EventOrg 15

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized Expert lecture on 1. New sensor technology for automation: 3D Camera 2. Satellite Receiver technology (a part of India's contribution to Search-and-Rescue operations worldwide) 3. Digital Image Processing on high-speed processing hardware. Resource person was Dr. Vishwas R. Udpikar, Director SCICOM Software INDIA Pvt. , Pune

EventOrg 16

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized Expert lecture on ‘Expectation from Corporate World’. Resource person was Mr. Dattatraya Yadav, Client Service Manager, SITA United Arab Emirates

EventOrg 17

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized Technical Interaction Program on Recent Technologies and Research in USA. Resource person was Mr. Sourabh S. Kulkarni (MS and Ph.D. Scholar at University of Massachusetts Amherset (USA)

 EventOrg 18

  • Industry visit to JSW Port Jaigad, Ratnagiri for T.Y. Tech Students on 5th October 2018

EventOrg 19

  • Industry visit to All India Radio, Ratnagiri for S.Y. Tech Students on 4th October 2018

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Post Events-2017-18

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized Two day Community Program on ‘ICT for School Students’ on 23rd 2018 & 23rd March 2018 under Lead college scheme of Shivaji University Kolhapur

EventOrg 21

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department organized Three days workshop on ‘Microprocessor & Microcontroller’ for nearby colleges MCVC vocational Teachers.

EventOrg 22

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department has organized one day Seminar on ‘Advancements in Biomedical Engineering’ for UG & PG students, Resource person is Dr. Bhushan Borotikar, Senior Research Scientist at IMT Atlantique, Brest, France and LaTIM INSERM U1101, Brest

EventOrg 23

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department has organized one day Seminar on ‘Internship and Entrepreneurship opportunities at Vigyan Ashram, Pabal’ dated on 28th 2017, for Final Year B.Tech student of all branches. Resource person is Dr. Arun Dixit (Head, Design Innovation Centre, Vigyan Asharam, Pabal) Prof. Supriya Kadam ,Project Coordinator, DIC.

EventOrg 24

  • Electronics and Telecommunication department has organized the guest lecture of Mr. Govind Oza (Director, PARI Ltd, Shirwal, Pune) on Automation and Robotics Applications as well as Entrepreneurship development on 2nd Sept.2017. Audience- Students and Faculty members of ETC and Mechanical engineering

EventOrg 25 

  • Industrial Visit at Precision Automation & Robotics India (PARI) Shirwal, Pune for S.Y. B. Tech Students on 20th 2018

EventOrg 26

  • Industrial Visit at Vigyan Ashram, Pabal Pune for T.Y. B. Tech Students on 16th 2018

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