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Group Wise Summary Reading Club Activity

Year 2022-23


 List of Books read

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                 ETC-RC1                                               ETC-RC2


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             ETC-RC3                                                    ETC-RC4

Year 2021-22

Reading Club Report


List of Books read

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               ETC-RC1                                                                       ETC-RC2


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                ETC-RC3                                                                       ETC-RC4

Glimpse of Reading Activity


Links to presentation files

Sr. No. Group PPT file link HoD Remark
1 ETC-RC1 https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19tHDDO2dGwtTC0FObZU5wISlWdka3Nlr/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=101807919505470062513&rtpof=true&sd=true Nicely Presented with insight of today’s entrepreneur views
2 ETC-RC2  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1GNhbRE5UE5J4fuCYd8SJ3s6TkOoxprTT/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=101807919505470062513&rtpof=true&sd=true How to use One minute management for multitasking to maximize the efficiency 
3 ETC-RC3 https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zldkAXzPmZCyrFxEiQm_L6UEmOm7vLMH/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=101807919505470062513&rtpof=true&sd=true Properly described the thoughts of The Shivaji Maharaja on management of day todays work
4 ETC-RC4 https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZvdI8wB8FAekzj8z1KpPyalKXHlbuZmP/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=101807919505470062513&rtpof=true&sd=true This book helps to implement the leadership essentials

Year 2020-21 

Reading Club Report

Sr. No.   Group ID Member Names Paper, Author and Publication Details HOD Remark
1 ETC RC_Group1 1.      Dr. M.S. Kumbhar 2.      Dr. M. S. Patil 3.      Prof. R.J. Patil 4.      Prof. A.A. Prabhavalikar 1.   Role of Indian Universities and colleges vital in employment Generation Can they afford to ignore? At what cost? Who pays?, JEET, RIT IndiaVolume: 13, Issue: 4, Year: 2020 2.   Indian Engineering Education needs a Reboot , Claire Komives, JEET, RIT India, Volume: 28, Issue: 3, Year: 2018 3.   Indian universities and colleges, where do they fall short, with respect to world best? Teaching of Research & Innovation skills in universities & colleges is the major handicap. If India ignores, future Generations will not pardon us., JEET, RIT IndiaVolume: 32, Issue: 4, Year: 2019  
2 ETC RC_Group2 1.      Prof. S. R. Jagtap 2.      Dr. Mrs. J. S. Awati 3.      Prof. B.N.Holkar 4.   Teacher’s perception towards their role in Course Level Project-Based Learning environment by Bhaveshkumar Pasi, Vikas Shinde and Mayuri Chavan, Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, Special Issue No. 1, November 2019, Volume No.33, eISSN 2394-1707 5.   A Peer-Assessment Based Approach for Teaching Microprogramming, Journal of Engineering Education Transformations , Volume 34 , No. , April 2021, ISSN 2349-2473, eISSN 2394-1707 6.   Design and Impact of Interactive Video Content for the Improvement of Student Engagement and Learning, Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, Volume 34, January 2021, Special issue, eISSN 2394-1707  
3 ETC RC_Group3 1.      Dr. A B. Kakade 2.      Prof. Mrs. S. S. Patil 3.      Prof. S. M. Magdum 4.      Prof. P. P. More 7.   Effect of Self-study component towards Students erformance in Chemical Engineering Coursework:Case Study of Chemical Engineering Sirisha Nallakukkala, Soumen Panda Journal of Engineering Education Transformations ,Volume 34 , No. 3, January 2021, ISSN 2349-2473, eISSN 2394-1707 8.   Errors of the Intellect : A neglected aspect in teaching, Balakrishna Palanki, Volume : 34, No.3 Published in : January 2o21ISSN : 2349 – 2473 9.   Transferable Skills Needed in the Workplace, A. Ana, Leli Alhapip, M. Syaom Barliana, Yulia Rahmawati, Muktiarni , Vina Dwiyanti,  
4 ETC RC_Group4 1.      Prof. Mrs. V. S. Patil 2.      Prof. R. T. Patil 3.      Prof. U. A. Kamerikar 10. Activity Based Programming Learning by Dr. Amit Lathigara, Dr. Paresh Tanna, Dr. Nirav Bhatt, Volume 34, January 2021, Special issue, eISSN 2394-1707 11. Increasing students Engagement during Virtual Classroom Teaching through Effective use of Online Tools Ms. Varsha T.Lokare, Dr. A. W. Kiwelekar , Ms. Sapana S. Barphe, , Dr. L. D. Netak, Mr. P.M.Jadhav 12. Responding to COVID-19 and Transitioning to Online Learning by Khamruddin Syed, Dr. Rohit Kandakatla, Madhulita, RagamIndraja Yadav, Rayapudi Himasagarika  

Reading Activity Conducted virtually via MS Team platform

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Reading Activity Conducted virtually via MS Team

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Year 2019-20  

Reading Club Report

Video of Presentation