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Mr. Suhit Kalubarme (2014)


My experiences at the RIT, Islampur (CS-IT Dept.)  Have opened up opportunities that I never could have dreamt of ten years ago. Interaction with senior graduate students and PhD faculties, renowned professors, and so many different facets and fields of the engineering discipline have given me the exposure that helped me to define my career goals. Furthermore, the opportunity to tailor my research projects and placed to PERSISTENT SYSTEMS significantly enhanced my learning experience. In addition to the job postings they send me and recommendations they support me with, I thank RIT, Islampur (CS-IT Dept.)  For exposing me to these possibilities and for helping me to find my place in the professional world.

Mr. Dnyneshwar Patil (2014)


It’s really rewarding and energizing for me to completing my engineering stream (IT 2011-14) from very reputed and best engineering college RIT, Islampur in Maharashtra state. This college has Vision to build students academic and professional skills to compete at international level. The main pillars of this college are management body, Director, Department Heads and Staff who, having vast experience in the respective field and with their seamless guidance and efforts, Students can easily achieve their dreams to become whatever they want to become in their life i.e. professional, entrepreneur etc.. I am taking this privilege to thank RIT organization (Specially IT Dept) to build my professional and personal skills which resulted I had a drastic growth in my IT career. I would like to share one motivation movement while I was in the final year. Most of the students were from rural background so they can't afford to purchase a laptop. After requesting IT HOD's Mr. Throat Sir, they had provided the laboratory key so that we can use the lab after college hours so this state how much college staff is very supportive towards students concern. I am very lucky and proud to be written and recommending this college to everyone for the bright future.

Mr. Kartik Gavade (2017)


Learning is a essence of life!!

Rajarambapu Institute of Technology(autonomous institute) is a place where I spent 3 years of golden times with lots of memories to cherish till my lifetime. It is a place which is close to my heart. Faculty members are a gem who taught me technology and many new ideologies which helped me learn better. I had supportive seniors, beautiful campus, quality education, real world experience and amazing friends. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learn a number of things. I thank the faculty for putting in all efforts to groom us and make us professionals. It was a wonderful experience at Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Sakharale College. I would even say, "RIT" is right choice for one to pursue their Engineering degree. Thank You RIT!

Mr. Prasad Vanne (2018)


I was from the 2014-18 batch, graduated from the IT department. The environment in RIT has groomed me in all aspects of life. I was a part of the RIT music club, the Entrepreneurship Development cell, Vivek Vahini. All what was taught in my department, is now somehow helping me in my professional life. There are incidents when other people do not know some things, however, I am already aware of it or have already worked on it, thus I get the upper hand in my professional life as well. I would definitely recommend RIT for anyone. Thank you.