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Student Association:

1. Emerging Leaders in Information Technology Engineering (ELITE) is a student association run by students of CS&IT for students of CS&IT. The main objective of the ELITE is to provide platform to students to explore their skills and knowledge through curricular and extra-curricular activities in the field of IT. ELITE is committed to the overall development of CS&IT students by organizing various such as INFOTSAV, it is a university level event in which various technical and non-technical activities are conducted. In addition, through ELITE, we celebrate days like “Teachers Day” and “Engineers Day”. To welcome new students to IT, we organize “Fresher’s function” as well as to bid a farewell to final year B. Tech. students; we organize “Farewell function”.

2. Computer Society of India(CSI) Student Chapter RIT: Department of Computer Science and Information Technology has CSI Student Chapter. In association with Computer Society of India, Pune chapter, we at RIT regularly organize workshops, technical talks and events for the benefit of students.

Objective of CSI Student Chapter:

  • To organize the training programs/ seminars/ workshops on latest technology to enhance the technical skill-set of students and faculties.
  • To enrich and empower the minds of students by conducting technical Quizzes /Competitions regularly.
  • To organize the Technical, Non-Technical events to improve the leadership quality among the students.

CSI Membership Details of Student in last Year:

Year No. of Student taken CSI Membership
2019-20 62 Students
2018-19 41 Students
2017-18 38 Students  (For 2 Yr.)

3. Indian Society for Technical Education(ISTE)


The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is the leading National Professional non-profit making Society for the Technical Education System in our country with the motto of Career Development of Teachers and Personality Development of Students and overall development of our Technical Education System.   At present, ISTE has a very large and an effective membership base consisting of more than 1,02,985 Life Members, 5,54,094 Student Members, 2410 Institutional Members (including IITs, NITs and other leading technical institutions), 1214 Faculty Chapters and 1322 Students’ Chapters and 17 Sections throughout the country.              

It is a Professional Society giving over more than 70 National and Regional Awards to Institutions, Teachers and Students for innovation and excellence in various areas of Engineering and Technology. It runs ISTE-Srinivasa Ramanujan Mathematical Competitions, ISTE-SRM Short-Term Training Programmes and ISTE-PTU Faculty Development Programmes.

Major Objectives

  • Provide quality training programmes to teachers and administrators of technical institutions to update their knowledge and skills in their fields of activity.
  • Assist and contribute in the production and development of top-quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industry and other organizations.
  • Provide guidance and training to students to develop better learning skills and personality.


  • The RIT owes an Educational Institution Membership of ISTE for both faculty and students.
  • The membership validity is life time for faculty and 4 years / 3 years as per duration of the course for the students.
  • At present the chapter has around 1485 student members and 184 faculty members from the various departments.
  • ISTE Student Chapter organizes various events like Inter departmental competitions, Quiz competitions, etc.
  • ISTE even organizes Value added courses, Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Faculty Development Programmes.

  4. Android Club

RIT Android club started in Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Rajaramnagar under Aakash Center of RIT in collaboration with IIT, Bombay. Students of Information Technology Department started this club in 2016. The objectives of this club are to create awareness about the modern Mobile App Development Technology i.e. Android among students and provide training on Android so that they can use Android Technology to solve problems. As per the Gartner Survey Q22018, Already Android occupies around 80% market shares in the world. Therefore, there is a huge scope in mobile application development using Android Technology. However, there is a need of development/improvement in different field of Android namely Android security, social problems, etc. In addition to this, one more advantage is that we have total 233 tablets with us given by IIT, Bombay under NMEICT project. We can make the best utilization of these tabs for our Android club.


  • To create awareness about android technology among students.
  • To solve social problems using Android Technology.
  • To learn and gain detailed knowledge about android and other new technologies required for mobile application development.
  • To share knowledge with students and faculties.


  • Total 30 Android app are developed and deployed on Google Play store.
  • Reached more than 50000+ downloads for all apps.
  • Faculty Advisor Mr. Ravindra J. Mandale received invitation from Google, MountainView, US for Google IO 2018  to became part of Google developer ecosystem and doing Android publicity

List of Android apps available on Google Play store:

Sr.No. Name of Android App Description Developer Available or Not available on Google Play store, If yes, then link to Play store No. Of downloads Earning in $
1 ITRIT Android Club This Android club application is developed for beginners in android application development. This application also provides facility for becoming member of RIT’s Android Club member by registering to it. So that registered members will get benefits such as free workshops, guest lectures, seminars from student and as well as faculties Mr. Rajanikant Devmore and Mr. SantoshRathod, BTECH(IT) = 106+ 0.43
2 TeleSensor App This app is useful to know different telephony and sensor services running on your mobile device. Also app finds sensors supported by your mobile device with their details like sensor name, type, version, etc. Mr. Ravindra J. Mandale, Assistant Professor, IT 70+ NA
3 Data Structure Tutorials App This application contains notes and programs of data structure using C language Miss. Rajanigandha N. Khot Miss. Pranali R.Desai Miss. Monali S. Ghadage, Mrs. S.P.Patil 35470+ NA
4 Compiler Master In this application the resources are provided like PPT’s, PDF’s as well as eBooks, so the students can get all the required resources. It also contains oral questions and answers so that student can prepare for their oral exams.
It also contains chapter wise quiz so students can test their knowledge and they can know how effectively they have studied this subject.
Also this app will help students for preparing for GATE Exam for the Compiler Design subject.
Mr. Ravindra J.Mandale, Mr. Shrishailya S. Sutar, Miss. Shweta K. Shinde, Mr. Sager S. Vyavahare, Mr. Tofik S. Tamboli 487+ 0.24
5 RIT VivekVahini App As our motto we are continuously striving to create awareness among the youth about our social responsibilities and our rights. We arrange weekly discussions on social issues ,we actively participate in protests ,workshops to create scientific attitude in youth ,guest lectures and many other activities.
Vivek Vahini was started on 2002 by Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, We started it 2 years ago.We also are trying to inculcate in youth his ideas.Join us and give a helping hand as your responsibility towards social problems, in turn towards India's development.
Miss. Kanchan M. Sawant, Mr. Prasad Vanne, Miss. Aditi Nikam, Mr. Tushar More, Mr. Ravindra J.Mandale 175+ NA
6 College Selector App With the help of this app all should get the proper information of collage with there all contact details and in this way user can save his valuable time to search all websites to find the details of particular college. Mr. Salunkhe Amit , Miss. Sutar Vaishnavi, Miss. Kolekar Manisha, Miss. Mahadik Prachi, Mr. Ravindra J. Mandale, 374+ NA
7 Civil Engg. Quiz Apps This android application is for the students to prepare the subjects environment and management of civil engineering.
This is FREE version consists Quiz and notes tabs in which Quiz contains 2 subjects named as environment and management through which each subject contains 6 chapters.In every chapter their are number of questions to solve.You will get marks after submitting the quiz.
The Next tab contains the online notes through which you can do preparation for the quiz.
We will launch new version as early with next level questions which is also free .Download this app and give feedback and rate us as well.
Mr. Kartik Badgu, Mr. Anand Padolkar Mr. Shivanand sarvade Mr. Sagar Chavan, Mr. Ravindra J.Mandale 4900+ NA
8 Health_Mantra : pink of health This app is your guide to fitness, good health, exercises for weight loss, weight gain ,IT peoples, yoga for meditation and remedies for various diseases, skin and women personal care and healthy eating tips.
Good health is important for happy living and with this app you can access the info anywhere you go. The app has several sections on health that solve different questions you may have.
Miss. Radhika S. Patil, Miss. Sarika D. Jamdade, Miss. Satish T. Yedur. Miss. Priyanka S. Bhosale, Mr. Ravindra J.Mandale 84+ NA
9 RIT Music Cell We all know that ‘Cultural cell’ has been working from so many year in RIT. It has been working successfully. And Music Club is one of the important part of Cultural cell of RIT. In almost all events of RIT Music Club participates does the lot of contribution and many of students take participate in music club with great enthusiasm.
So we are going to create an android application for those people who are the part of RIT MUSIC CLUB. We are going to develop this application under the Course of mini-project 2017.In this application we are going to provide 3 modules in application.
Miss. Jadhav Geeta Adhikrao, Miss. Kadam Snehal Tatoba, Miss. Mule Rutuja Ravindra, Mr. Ravindra J.Mandale 102+ NA
10 Play to Learn This app is for kids where they can learn shapes, alphabets (with new version like A – Android, B – Bluetooth) and Numbers. They can also draw shapes, alphabets and numbers in given canvas. They can also learn pronunciation for alphabets. Mr. Magadum Suraj G., Mr. Pawar Tejas S. , Mr. Patil Akshay P., Mr. Pardeshi Amrut M., Mr. Ravindra J.Mandale 88+ NA
11 RIT C Tutorial App beginner 1 It helps to solve and understand c problems Mr. Ajay Shelake, Mrs. Ingale A.K. 51+ NA
12 MickeyBall Conveniently portable and powerful, the Mickey-Ball Mobile app provides children to meet their challenges regarding concentration.
“Mickey-Ball” is the game app developed for the students and children. This is game App in which they have to click on mickey-Ball to score. This Game is useful for the children and student who wants to increase their focusing capacity.
This game is very easy and you can play anytime.
Mr. Akshay Garje,Mr. Tejas Joshi, Mr. Ganesh Hubale, Mrs. Savita P. Patil 598+ NA
13 Kidss Katta This is an android learning application named as “KidsKatta” which provides videos of stories & poems. Many more learning things and also includes quizzes which will help kids to improve their analyzing skills. Miss.Aishwarya V. Tawate, Miss. Sneha S. Patil, Miss. Akshata R. Babar, Miss. Kusum G. Patil, Mr. Ravindra J. Mandale 63+ NA
14 Shree Driving School Shree Motor Driving School (App) is a static and informative app. App contains detail information about Driving school. It mainly consist following Module 1] Image gallery 2] fees structure 3] services 4] contacts 5] about us Mr. Suraj Jadhav, Mr. Swagat Shinde, Mr. Prashant Jadhav, Miss. Sai Kulkarni, Mr. Ravindra J. Mandale 20+ NA
15 Health App: Team 8 There is always interaction, meeting between patient and doctor to resolve health related issues
about patient.To address the problems of
manually diagnosis processing of patient to its best, a solution is proposed by developing an IOT device
with website and database that will ease the process and provide continuous readings of patients which
contains temperature, heart beats, oxygen saturation etc. to the doctor side where readings will appear on
website and find outs the fall detection, which further helpful for the prediction of heart related problem
such as heart attack.
Rajnikant Devmore and team 17+ NA
16 Rajaram Solvex App Consultanxy project Mr. ShreeShailya Sutar Mr. Ravindra J. Mandale Mrs. S. P. Patil Mr. S. S. Sawant Not available yet in Testing -- NA
17 RIT Campus Navigation The main purpose of this application is to provide a navigation system for RIT campus that will be more accurate. This helps to reduce the efforts of the user to find out the correct location in the specific area. This system provides a user interface by using that user can easily reach to the destination. Mr. Kartik Gawade and team 58+ NA
18 RIT Media Cell RIT Media Cell is the student organization of Rajarambapu Institute of Technology . This cell operates with aims and goals in creating positive environment and awareness in the student community through the Android Application which is easily accessible to thousands of students in and off campus,the app will feature the academic notices and news related to the campus which will help student rely on the digital interface of the academic life. Media cell students 326+ NA
19 Saglo App This app covers the static information about company who are manufacturers of laboratory equipment’s and at forefront to say that this SAGLO® Soft Software and Digital Micro Imaging Adaptor are widely used in medical clinical examination, teaching, in colleges, universities and scientific researches Mr. Ram Vhatkar Dr. Amol C. Adamuthe 24+ NA
20 Mastering data Structures
This App considers the common data structures that are used in various
computational problems. Student will learn how these data structures are implemented and how to perform different operations on them, their applications. App also covers
algorithms on operations on data structures. This will help students to understand what is going on inside a particular built-in implementation of a data structure. The course also
focuses on typical use cases for these data structures.
Mugdha Mahajan, Sakshi Phase, Dhananjay Jadhav, Rasika Jadhav, Ravindra J. Mandale 1000+ NA
21 AR Graphics App In today's world student want the learning process to be more effective, so for that student use different apps for making the learning process easy & joyful. There are subjects like engineering graphics which need the visualization to understand the concept. Using augmented reality students can experience 3D models of Engineering Drawing from their mobiles, how the solids look from different perspectives(angles), how its cross-section looks and other details. These concepts are confusing to understand if they are drawn as 2D on paper. In this application, we can place 3D models of these solids in front of student virtually through mobile phones Ketaki Kole, Sarvesh Barakade, Chirag Makadiya, Ravindra J. Mandale 15+ NA
22 Event Notifier App Event Notifier is an event notification app. This application provides information regarding various events organized by the department of RIT College.
This application consists of the facilities to upload the information regarding the event like event name, event content, date, time, venue and poster. Because of this application all students will be able to get information about the upcoming events. This awareness can increase the number of participation of students in different department events.
Shubhali Jadhav, Snehal Surve, Prerana Thorat, Shivani Todkar, Ravindra J. Mandale 10+ NA
23 Career Guide App -Entrance To Career Application will provide you detailed information about Entrance Exams and Further Educational Exams after SSC & HSC.

-This Application Contains Entrance Exam Introduction , Eligibility , Exam Criteria ,Reservation of Seats , Qualifying Criteria and official website for that exam.

-It allows user to get information about all entrance exams in only application . Content of this application are written in simple words so that user can easily understand
- This App will be helpful for the students who are going to choose their career path .
Saloni Gavade, Shreya Patil, Siddhanth Pawar, Ravindra J. Mandale 500+ NA
24 Train Ur Brain App Brain Trainer app to quick exercise to your brain concentration, focus, speed and accuracy.
This game is for1 everyone who love solving problems and basically want to test their solving speed and themselves.
This game will always free and hopefully the app will be updated with more games.
Sachin Mane, Sudarshan Dutonde, Ravindra J. Mandale 10+ NA
25 VivekVahini RIT The youth needs to think with an open mind and lead a rational life and Also understand the responsibilities of youth and would be able to participate In any discussion with individual opinion and also make them sensible towards social issues. To invoke scientific temperament in Youth, help them to make their own decisions and gain confidence to express their views or opinions & also improve their skill sets by working in various activities. We realized the need of a platform which will be handled by youth for the youth. Prachit Shah, Vivek Bhure, Anjali Kawade, Ravindra J. Mandale 100+ NA
26 IT RIT App Our app is informative app about the Information Technology Department of RIT College.In this the android app which contains the faculty,department,student activities,achievements,placement and the laboratory of the IT department.It also gives the message of the Director Madam and the Chairmen of the RIT college.This the offline app so no internet connection is mandatory for this app Poonam Patil, Aishwarya Mane, Ankita Salunkhe, Ravindra J. Mandale 10+ NA
27 RIT Android Club RIT Android Club was started in Rajarambapu Institute of Technology. The objectives of this club are to create awareness about the modern Mobile App Development Technology also learn and gain detailed knowledge about android and what are the new technologies that we can learn in android. Sayali Jadhav, Ravindra J. Mandale 10+ NA