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Reading Club Activity

The Reading Club has been established in RIT with the support of libraries and provides an environment to encourage reading for pleasure. The activities are aimed at helping to compensate for the lack of a stimulating reading environment and encourage reading by providing a safe environment where literary discussion can take place in a respectful manner. Activities include group and individual reading workshops, sessions with authors and book discussion groups General Format

  • Members are organized into small groups.
  • Time is given for members to share their impressions of the book.
  • Members reconvene as a whole group to share final thoughts of the book. 

Reading Club Activity Details

Sr. No. Faculty Member Names Title of Book Author Summary of Thoughts of the book
Academic Year 2021-22
1 Mr. D.T. Mane
Mrs. A. B. Patil
Mrs. S. P. Patil
Mr.G.B. Patil
Dr. S. A. Thorat
Mr. Akash Mahajan (Student)
Rich-Dad-Poor-Dad Robert Toru Kiyosaki - The author concluded by stating that parents should teach these lessons to their children early enough, in order to guarantee their children’s financial future
- It is never too late to start building your financial empire. You could start right now, with your next pay check, or by looking around you, to see which need you can fulfill
2 Mrs. J. A. Patil
Ms. P. T. Sawant
Mrs. M.S. Kanase
Mrs. P.P. Patil
Mrs.P.N. Jadhav
Ms. Arati Langhote (Student)
How the Secrete Changed My Life Rhonda Byrne - The three steps of secret ask, believe, receive encourages people to visualize their desired outcomes to manifest them.
- Success stories from book have shown that people develop their resources more when they are in a good state of mind. It supports the approach to goal-oriented motivation.
3 Dr. A. C. Adamuthe
Mr. N. Mulla
Mr. P. R. Gavali
Mr. A. D. Homkar
Mr.R.B. Sadigale
Mr. Rushabh Kupwade (Student)
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R. Covey Changing our habits to improve what we are can be a painful process. It must be motivated by a higher purpose and by the willingness to subordinate what you think you want now for what you know you want later. As you open the gates of change to give yourself new habits, be patient with yourself.
Academic Year 2020-21
1 Mrs. A. B. Patil
Mr. D. T. Mane
Mr. R. J. Mandale
Mr. N. M. Shinde
Mrs. S. P. Khot
1.  Lathigara, A., Tanna, P., & Bhatt, N. (2021). Activity Based Programming Learning. Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, 34, 499-506
2.  Thorat, S. A., & Kshirsagar  D. P. (2021). Developing Logic Building, Problem Solving, and Debugging Programming Skills Among Students. Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, 34, 402-406.
3.  Analysis of teaching computer programming in Indian Context. Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, 28(4), 50-55
4.  Namratha M , Rekha G.S , Syed Akram 1 2 3, Selva Kumar S4, Jyothi S Nayak5, Active Learning Approach for Python Programming, Journal of Engineering Education Transformations ,Volume 32 , No. 1,July 2018
5.  Geetha Kiran Annegowda 1, Mohana Lakshmi J2, Student Centric Pragmatic Approach to Impart Concepts of Python Applications Programming, Journal of Engineering Education Transformations ,Volume 34 , No. 1, July 2020
6.  Dr. Paresh Tanna ,Dr. Nirav Bhatt, Sweta Patel “ An Innovative Approach for Learning and Evaluating Programming-Oriented Courses” in Journal of Engineering Education Transformations ,January 2020.
7.  Shreenath Acharya1, GayanaM , “Enhanced Learning and Improved Productivity of Students' using Project Based Learning  Approaches for Programming Courses”,in Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, Volume 34, January 2021
1.  Through activity-based learning,student retention level is quite high and them learning skills and understanding level improved significantly
2.  Requirement systematically. Logic building, problem    solving and debugging skills need to be developed  among students
3.  Continuous evaluation of student including self-evaluation is essential to identify strengths and weaknesses of student and improve programming ability
4.  The advantages of PBL is to provide a required learning atmosphere and also develop project. The key to success of imbibing active learning is adapting the old strategies to your needs and creating your own strategy. Student learning has been enhanced through the implementation of theoretical concepts learned by them.
5.  Collaboration and life-long learning are key facts more likeable to a wider and also diverse set of students.PBL helped students enabling them to adopt research and investigation. It has also helped in enhancing the confidence and be updated on the topic chosen for study
6.  Troubleshooting & debugging may help students to learn programming languages in an interactive way. Also, IT industry seeks for candidate who is talented with enough knowledge of troubleshooting and debugging. This kind of pattern practice may help students in industry to work with/edit code written by peer programmers from same group/different groups.
7.  Through inquiry, students gain interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge which builds their design thinking, problem solving, information retrieval and analysing ability making them confident enough to work in any engineering team.
2 Ms. P. T. Sawant
Mr. M. N. Mulla
Mr. P. R. Gavali
Mr. M. A. Patil
1.  Lathigara, A., Tanna, P., & Bhatt, N. (2021). Activity Based Programming Learning. Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, 34, 499-506
2.  A Novel Approach to Improve Logical and Critical Thinking through Collaborative Learning and Using Visualization Tools
3.  Improving Problem Solving Ability of Student Through Cooperative Learning
4.  Novel Teaching Learning and Evaluation activities for imbibing the concepts of cyber security as perennial thought-process in the learners’ digital life
1.  Keyword exercise, Half Cooking Code, Pool Puzzle, Troubleshooting,    Predict the output, Program Analysis, Long Exercise, Crossword
2.  1. use of visualization tools for improving students programming skill
2. Improve the logical thinking and critical thinking capacity
3.  1. It guides students to improve the ability of students in problem solving 
2. collaborative learning enhances the students' confidence and their involvement in the learning process. with the innovative teaching learning method for cooperative learning.
4.  1. It Presents all the effective Teaching-Learning techniques as  well  as  evaluation  methodologies  used  for teaching Cyber Security Concepts & Course.
2. The disucssed Techniques will also help in creating awareness among the current generation about safe journey  into  their  digital  life.
3 Mrs. S. P. Patil
Dr. A. C. Adamuthe
Dr. D. O. Gupta
Mrs. J. A. Patil
1.Danciu, E., &Grosseck, G. (2011). Social aspects of web 2.0 technologies:  Teaching or teachers’ challenges? Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 15, 3768-3773.
2.Rodrigues, R., Matos, T., de Carvalho, A. V., Barbosa, J. G., Assaf, R., Nóbrega, R., ... & de Sousa, A. A. (2021). Computer Graphics teaching challenges: Guidelines for balancing depth, complexity and mentoring in a confinement context. Graphics and Visual Computing, 4, 200021
3.Thomas Donoghuea , Bradley Voyteka,and Shannon E. Ellisa,(2021), Teaching Creative and Practical Data Science at Scale, Journal Of Statistics And Data Science Education 2021, VOL. 29, NO. S1, S27–S39
4.David Nelson &EddahirFatimazahra, Review Of Contributions To The Teaching, Learning And Assessment Of Databases (TLAD)Workshops, Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Information and
Computer Sciences
5.Yap, A. Y., &Drye, S. (2018). The challenges of teaching business analytics: finding real big data for business students. Information Systems Education Journal, 16(1), 41
6.1. Set of unrelated assignments is used, in order to cover more technologies and concepts.
2. A tightly coupled project comprising of a series of related assignments is used, in order for students to gain experience in building a complete web application.
3. A loosely coupled project comprising of a series of unrelated assignments is used, in order to achieve a broad coverage of technologies in combination with building a somewhat complete web application
1.    Some of the challenges which occur in the preparation and teaching courses about the social aspects of Web 2.0
2.    Use of technology and online tools for laboratory
3.    Paper discusses about the nature of the data science course, adoption of project based learning, collaborative learning approach and scaled it up for more no. of students in the university.
4.    This paper reviews the teaching issues where the academics emphasize areas such as the teaching of the theoretical aspects initially to enable the students to grasp the important concepts and then the practical tools that should be introduced in the database modules.
5.    1. Selecting the topics and the underlying web technologies for a web programming course, as well as depth for each topic.
2.Difficult to find a single textbook that is appropriate for the course
3.Configuring and managing a different web programming environment,
4.Web technologies change rapidly
5. Students have to learn many programming language-paradigms and technologies in a short time
Academic Year 2019-20
1 Mr. D. T. Mane,
Mrs. A. B. Patil,
Mr. M. A. Patil,
Mr. P. R. Gavali,
Mrs. A. B. Patil
Secret of  Happiness Sir Shree • The objective of this book was to take some steps towards attaining instant happiness, to work on the three mantras, particularly the first and the second.
• Some people are absolutely closed due to fears. They feel that if they go in the dark, someone might catch them, or they fear going to any new place. For such people a mantra is given: “I am God’s property, no evil can touch me.” This mantra or maxim is for those people who have fear instilled in their hearts, and because of their fears they are not able to open up. They have to repeat this mantra constantly. Words, mantras, have power in them.
• Book describes that to attain real happiness, you will have to come out of your shell, your tendency of being closed. And you will have to go to the place of your origin, your source
2. Dr. A. C. Adamuthe,
Ms. P. T. Sawant,
Mr. M. N. Mulla
Mindset -The new psychology of success Dr. Carol S. Dweck. • This book actually premises that the world is divided between the people who are opened to learn or those who are closed to it, and this trait affects everything from your worldview to your interpersonal relationships.
• Author tries to address the way mindset can have effect or impact on people, she explains that people can have close mindset in some traits while open mindset in other.
• There are two types of Mindset Fixe Mindset & Growth Mindset and we tried to clearly understand the difference between the two along with its advantages & challenges.
• Book also discusses about the mindset of a successful sportsman also how mindset can affect or change the style of leadership in any individual.
3. Mrs. S. P. Patil,
Mr. R. J. Mandale,
Mrs. J. A. Patil
The Magic Rhonda Byrne • This book reveals the knowledge about the power of gratitude which changes the life totally.
• Author teaches how to apply this life-changing knowledge in your everyday life, completely transforming every aspect of your life into joy.
• One can use magical practices, to increase the magic where or when you have a specific need, such as for health or money, or if you want to receive your dream job, have increased success in your work, or improve a relationship
• No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances are, the practice of gratitude (The Magic) is going to change your entire life!
Academic Year 2018-19
1 Mr. M.A. Patil The little book of secrets Chris Prentiss 1. Situation accepted only if we like or adapt it.
2. If we have positive attitude, anybody can help you in any situation.
3. Do not hatred anybody, which makes other to feel bad.
4. Do not expect more from others.
5. Difficulties comes in life not to destroy you, consider it an opportunity. ó. We need to have sprit to bear with mistakes
7. Pleasant manners succeed even with irritable people.
8. It is wise and reasonable not to try to obtain anything by force.
9. Conflict within weakness the power to conquer danger without.
10. Negative minded person in not ashamed pf unkindness and does not shrink from injustice.
11. To be a knowledgeable, successful person, you should acquaint yourself with many sayings of antiqulty and many deeds of the past and thereby strengthen your character.
12. Once you have gained inner mastery of a problem, it will come about naturally that the action you take will succeed.
13. Goodness is a sign of good character rather than an accidental and isolated occurrence.
2 Dr. A. C. Adamute
Mr. S. S. Sawant
Mr. S.S.Mane
Miss.P.T. Sawant
Mr. M.N.Mu1la
Arise, Awake Rashmi Bansal 1. This books takes us tluough enthralling drives and effortlessly depicts the situation that, it’s not a tranquil road if you choose entrepreneurship straight out, instead you have to go through the topsy-turvy paths.
2. It shows the liveliness, desire and determination of 10 young entrepreneurs.
3. These stories inspire you to challenge, try, and think more about what can be done out or traditional methods.
4. Through this book, we have got confidence and have find a belief in ourselves that we can become a successful entrepreneur one day.
5. The author has ensured that people respect the struggle and efforts of those people who have built great products to simplify our lives.
6. For successful stories there are thousands of failures. As failure is the first step of success we feel that, the author who is so good in relating stories of entrepreneurs should have embraced little more towards journey from failures to success too.
7. This is one heck of a book. Every desiring entrepreneur should definitely read it at least once.
3 Mr. A. M. Mokashi
Mr . R. J. Mandale
Mrs. S. P. Patil
Ms. J. Jadhav
Mr. K. S. Kulkarni
1 have a dream Rashmi Bansal 1. Book is about how an educated person always thinks about the soul peace.
2. Knowledge must be regarding what actually we are learning.
3. We should learn to ask question to ourselves that being an engineer whether could solve problems of poor people.
4. We must 1eai‘n to give to the part of sociology where help in all manner is necessary.
5. The holistic approach is needed while designing and developing a solution of real time.
6. In addition, every satisfaction leads us towards spirituality.
7. Measure of satisfaction is in donating either knowledge or money or your work.
8. There is a third eye. which is continuously evocating the positivity.
9. Success is nothing but your work bring happily tears in front person because of you work.
Academic Year 2017-18
1 Mrs. A. B. Patil
Mr. D. T. Mane
Mr. A. S. Rathod
Mr. K.S. Kulkarni
Secrets of happiness SirShree To become happy, accept al  challenges and hurdles come to you and convert them into ladder to move ahead. Change the perspective to looking at problem and incident. Fulfillment of desire is not the real cause of happiness.
2 Dr. A. C. Adamuthe
Mr. S. S. Sawant
Ms. P. T. Sawant
Connect the dots Rashmi Bansal It gives an insight of 20 enterpreneurs who have done so good that they are part of this book. Trust is something your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Money is not a big hurdle if you are ready to prove yourself.
Academic Year 2017-18
1 IT_RC1 Connect the dots Rashmi Bansal It gives an insight of 20 enterpreneurs who have done so good that they are part of this book.
Trust is something your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.
Money is not a big hurdle if you are ready to prove yourself.
2 IT_RC2 The scientific Indian Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam This book is divided into three sections i.e. Space, earth, and life. Space is just above the surface of the earth is the atmosphere, without which life would not exist on earth.’ This atmosphere is divided into three layers troposphere, stratosphere, and ionosphere
The next section of this book is earth, where we live. In this section, the authors have detailed about the earth that how it is a unique planet in the whole galaxy, and how it is the perfect place in the sun’s orbit to produce and nurture life. Here authors write that heat is the main source of living but the constant human activity has increased the temperature.
3 IT_RC3 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R. Covey Changing our habits to improve what we are can be a painful process. It must be motivated by a higher purpose and by the willingness to subordinate what you think you want now for what you know you want later. As you open the gates of change to give yourself new habits, be patient with yourself.
4 IT_RC4 Secret Rhonda Byrne The Secret is a self-help book regarding the power of positive thinking by Rhonda Byrne. The book suggests the notion that like attracts the like, which means if you emit positive energy, it will be very beneficial because you will attract positive things to you. Byrne proposed that positive thinking magnets positive outcomes. Simply believing in what you want to acquire or become will become of you. The book portrays that the secret is mainly about the law of attraction but it also highlights gratitude and visualization. The primary technique of ask, believe and receive is explained further by stating some facts from some of the Secret’s practitioners. The book promotes encouragement for people in times of trials or deepens their urge to succeed. Happiness, wealth, success in relationships, and even health improvement are all justified as achievable by the application of the so-called secret.