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 manjra aneka
Aneka is a cloud PaaS product from Manjrasoft Pty Ltd Australia. The following are activities to enrich and teach cloud computing in academia:
  • Setup a Lab by building an enterprise/private Cloud by harnessing the power of existing LAN-connected 20 desktop computers.
  • Teach concepts of distributed/Cloud programming using models such as Task, Thread, and MapReduce
  • Conduct Lab classes and mount student projects in Cloud computing
  • Teach and demonstrate Cloud computing concepts by deploying on public Clouds such as Amazon EC2 by renting the computing infrastructure
  • Conduct advanced R&D in Cloud computing by using Aneka as an extensible research engine.
  • Develop innovate Cloud applications and projects solving important problems in science and business such as BigData problems.


CUDA Teaching Center with NVIDIA Technologies tra


GPU Education Center- awarded by NVIDIA Corporation. Awarded Year – 2013-14, Renewal Year – 2016

  • The Award and Renewal qualifies Dept. of CSE, RIT Rajaramnagar for the following benefits:
  • Two CUDA capable high end GPUs – Tesla C2075
  • Two CUDA capable GPUs – GeForce GTX480
  • A CUDA capable GPU of Kepler Architecture – GeForce GTX680
  • A NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture GeForce GTX Titan X GPU donation.
  • Following activities conducted under GPU Education Center since Awarded by NVIDIA Corporation.
  • PG Dissertations and UG Projects are in the area of Optimization, scheduling, disease diagnosis, and forecasting.
  • Theory and Lab courses are introduced for M. Tech and B. Tech CSE students.
  • Training Program on “Multi-Core/GPU Computing and Parallel Programming” organized for students and faculties.
  • Conducted training program for students in the vicinity of Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

 AWS Cloud Education Grant


AWS Cloud Education Grant AWS Educate is Amazon Web Services’ newest grants-based initiative to prepare students for the cloud-enabled workforce. AWS Educate provides students and educators hands-on access to AWS technology, training resources, course content and collaboration forums — at no cost.

  • Grants for free usage of AWS services for educators, TAs, and students of $75/each student and faculty of $200
  • Access labs, tutorials and training on AWS products
  • Open source course content provided by top professors and AWS
  • Collaboration tools and access to a community of cloud experts and colleagues