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International Exposure

Following is the list of staff members who have visited various countries for attending International Conference/Workshops:

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Paper /Chair Place Period
1 Mr. S. R. Poojara Benchmarking of Hyper visors-A case study Kuala lumper (Malaysia) 6-7 Jan 2017
2 Mr. S. R. Poojara Seminar on Cloud Computing University of Malaya Kuala lumper (Malaysia) 5th Jan 2017
3 Mr. S. S. Patil Invited as a Plenary speaker at "18th International Conference on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING and DATA BASES (AIKED '18) " Organized by Cambridge, UK February 16-18, 2018
4 Mr. S. R. Poojara Invited as a corporate trainer at INTI International University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 21st May 2018