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Industrial Visits.

Sr. No. Industrial Visits Class Date
1 ProDevAns Technology, Bangalore S. Y. B. Tech 01/03/ 2019
2 ProtoTech Company at Pune. T. Y. B. Tech 04/03/2019
3 Red Hat, Bangalore Final Year B. Tech. 21/03/2019

1) Industry Visit Report- S. Y. B. Tech

Computer Science and Engineering Department has organised industry visit for S. Y. B. Tech. students to ProDevAns Technology, Bangalore on 1st march 2019 along with coordinators Prof. A. M. Jagtap, Prof. G. G. Shingan and Mr. A. J. Kaji. Total 43 students has taken benefit from the visit. ProDevAns Technologies works with open source technologies. Mr. Dipak Mishra, Mr. Anish E.V. and Dipak P.  has given all information about the company and technologies they are working with. He has covered following points during his talk.

  • Basic Introduction about ProDevAns Technologies
  • Open source Technologies
  • Need of open source Technologies
  • How to start career with RedHat
  • Different certification Programs
  • Recent Technologies like Devops Automation, Cloud Automation, and other services






2) Industry Visit Report -T. Y. B. Tech

Third year B.Tech CSE students with three faculty members namely Ms. V.T.Lokare, Miss. B.K.Ugale and Mr. Ajit Mali have visited IIM Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 1st march 2019. During this visit, the interaction with faculty members of various department had been carried out. We have also go through their library department and entire campus. On 4th March 2019, we have visited ProtoTech Company at pune. The HR of the company had interacted with students and the discussion has carried out on following points:

  • Internship
  • Ongoing Projects
  • Latest technology trends

Also the interaction with interns and employees of RIT College had taken place. Faculty members have discussed on following point with their technical repetitive and HR:

  • Regarding industry sponsored lab
  • Industry course inclusion in curriculum
  • Member for B.O.S.






Industrial Visit at Red Hat, Bangalore

Industrial Visits are vital part of engineering curriculum with sole idea to acquaint student with practical application aspects of all theoretical ideas and studies which are adopted in classroom. This aims at the all-round development of the budding engineers. To keep the same spirit industrial visit was organized under the guidance of Worthy Prof. Dr. N. V. Dharwadkar (HOD CSE Department) and Prof. Ajit S. Mali from 21st March 2019 to 23rd March 2019.

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Industrial Visit Outcomes

Industrial Visits are vital part of engineering curriculum with sole idea to acquaint student with practical application aspects of all theoretical ideas and studies which are adopted in classroom. Microsoft Technologies is one of biggest company in the world. Due to this visit student get inspired. We achieved following outcomes from this visit.

Students understood the software industry working environment

1 .Students get information about some new technologies which are developed by Red Hat. 

2 .Students understood different Red Hat technology concepts and they can do their B. Tech project in this area.

3 .Faculty members also got information about the new research areas in Red Hat.

4 .Students understood the importance of soft skill in software industry.






Experts talks by industry personals

A. Y. 2019-2020

Sr. No. Name of Program Resource Person Organized by Date
1. One day Hands-on based workshop on " Tableau-Visualization Tool" Mr. Purushottam Nivaskar, Proprietor, Speegile, Mumbai Mrs. G. G. Shingan and Mr. S. S. Patil 14/09/2019
2. Expert sessions on “Industrial Requirement and Opportunities” 1.    Mr. Ajit Jagtap, CTO, MKCL, Ltd. Pune. 2.    Mr. Amit Ranade, GM, MKCL, Ltd. Pune. 3.    Mr. Sameer Pandey, Joint MD, MKCL, Ltd. Pune. Dr. S. S. Patil 02/01/2020
4. One day Session on Rational Database management Mr. S. S. Sawant , Scripthub Software, Pune Mr. S. S. Patil 22/02/2020
5. one day industry expert session on “Freelancing Concepts and its Importance” under ISTE, CSI and IEEE Student Chapter Mr. Amit Ranade Mr. Soumyaranjan, MKCL, Pune. Dr. S. S. Patil, Prof. G. G. Shingan 28/02/ 2020