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Year 2019-20

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Work External Examiner
1. Dr. N. V. Dharwadkar 1. Ph.D. Oral Examiner -PhD Pre- Comprehensive Viva at VTU Gulbarga; Ravi Hosur, 2018
2. Ph.D. Examiner of Anand S. Ghuli, Title: “Devising and implementing the digital watermarking schemes for suitability of robustness, fidelity & capacity for color images”, at VTU RRC, Belgaum: PhD thesis evaluation and Viva voce conducted in Computer Science and Engg., Department, 2019  
2. Dr. S. A. Thorat 1. At KIT Kolhapur - Wireless Network, Machine Learning
2. At GCEK Karad - Web Programming
3. At WCE Sangli - Information Security
3. Dr. S. S. Patil 1. At DKTE Ichalkaranji- FY M Tech - Mini Project
2. At WCE Sangli - Data Analytics
4. Mr. S. U. Mane 1. High Performance Computing, FY M Tech WCE, Sangli
Image Processing, FY M Tech WCE, Sangli
2. Microprocessor, SY B Tech WCE, Sangli
5. Mr. A. S. Mali 1. At WCE Sangli - Database Management System
2. At WCE  Sangli - Mini Project
3. At DACOE Karad - Final Year B.Tech Project
6. Mr. A. A. Powar 1. At KIT Kolhapur - Basic Programming
2. WCE Sangli- Digital System and microprocessor
7. Mrs. C. H. Khambalkar 1. At NMCE,Peth-Database Engg.2019