“Design and development of manual weeding machine with crop fertilizing arrangement”.

Weeds are one of the major causes of loss of agricultural produce. Various conventional methods of weed removal are time consuming and costly. Also force required for convectional weeding machine is large. So to eliminate these demerits, this weeding machine is designed. It minimizes human efforts as the force required to operate the machine is less and requires only one person for weeding and fertilizer operation. The fertilizing arrangement is designed which spreads fertilizer with uniform distribution over the land and it provides proper mixing with soil. As the weeding and fertilizing process operates simultaneously, so it is helpful for the farmers of rural India with small farming space.

Photograph of working model


Multi Discharge Valve

Multi discharge of valve is 4 in 1 ball valve. It is mainly used in water irrigation system. This is one of the types of ball valve. This valve has 1 inlet and 3 outlets. The size of inlet is twice that of the outlet. Depending upon the requirement such as only 1 open or 2 or 3 open; we can on off the flow from different outlets by simply adjusting handle manually. This can be used in chemical process industry for mixing purpose by interchanging inlets by outlets and vice versa. The cost of this ball valve is 0.5 times less than three same size ball valve and floor space is 0.4 times less than three same size ball valve.

Outcome: Ball valve is easy to handle, less effort and maintenance is required as compare to same size ball valve. Also it can replace three ball valve.

Photograph of working model


“Design of commercialized process for manufacturing sweet potato & Dry Ginger Powder”

In this project, design of commercialized process for the production of Sweet Potato and Dry Ginger Powder is done and a detailed business project report consisting required parameters regarding setting up SSI for such product is prepared. Though India is an agro-based nation, it is an unfortunate truth that less than 2% agriculture products are processed further so that they can be stored for longer period, good market value can be given to them and they can be made available during OFF season. In this project the appropriate drying technique is selected and optimized by using thermal modeling and analysis for the respective process and equipment’s required for the process are selected based on selected capacity of plant. Finally technically feasible and financial viable project report is prepared which can open new avenues in entrepreneurship for farmers and entrepreneurs by starting their own SSI for such product.

Photograph of working model


Design, Development and Performance Testing of self-balancing e-Vehicle

The Personal Transporter is a small footprint electrical vehicle designed to more environmentally friendly transportation method. This kind of vehicle is interesting since it contains a lot of technology relevant to an environmentally friendly and energy efficient transportation industry. The main purpose is to design and construct a fully functional o wheeled balancing vehicle which can be used as a means of transportation for a single person. There is also an encouragement for the students to learn areas outside their field of specialty, to form a better holistic understanding for these kinds of system.This kind vehicle contains many of the technologies required to build a hybrid or electrical car, and is sufficiently small to be good platform for experimentation and learning for engineers aiming to build more environmental friendly passenger vehicle. Air pollution, global warming and need of sustainable energy pushes the demands for efficient, green energy powered vehicles.

All mechanics, electronics and software were first designed using a top down approach, to promote good structure and division into subsystems. The top down approach is also a good way to make sure no functionality is left unimplemented. All mechanical design is made with the help of the CAD software using a top-down approach. Eve part of the model is then converted to a drawing and printed for use in the mechanical. The component selection required some basic theory of electric motors, drive circuits and batteries acquired from segway literature. This theory in combination with the project goals served as reference when comparing components on the basis of performance, cost, availability and robustness workshop where all mechanics were constructed. The electrical system is also designed using a top-down approach; finally the finished system is tested and assessed relative to the initial purpose.

Photograph of working model


“Automated Capacitor Packaging System.”

The industry “YASHA CAPACITORS PVT LTD.” manufactures the capacitors for variable applications by manual work. They are manufacturing different types and sizescapacitors and production of capacitors per day is variable. Our work is to make resin material and adding into can. In the conventional method they heat oil up to 80-90°C in the container and then add powder and hardener into oil in the proportion of 100:100:16. Then mixture is added into cans as per required quantity. All these processes are carried out manually and workers required are 34. So to avoid this we have designed and developed system. With this system we are going to carried out mainly 3 processes i.e. preparing mixture of heated oil and powder in the tank and adding into can though solenoid valve. Second is addition of hardener in to can. And third is to make proper homogeneous mixture of oil, powder and hardener in the can using stirring mechanism. Cans are supplied thought conveyor and detected by IR sensor. When can is detected then conveyor will be stopped and above 3 processes will be carried out. After stirring cans are taken out manually and electrodes are added into can. Then cans are placed for cooling.


  • By use of this Automated Capacitor Packaging System following outcomes were obtained: Direct contact of resin material with workers is reduced.
  • Wastage of material during material handling is reduced.
  • Homogeneity of material is increased because of stirring mechanism and less human interference.
  • Production rate is increased and maximum 2 workers are required.

Photograph of working model


Solar Grain Dryer and Roster

Innovative Method for Drying and Roasting of Grains by using solar energy with the help of parabolic trough. This project is completed by Final year mechanical students.


Line Follower Mobile Robot

The robot with built In Intelligence equipped with IR and Optical Sensors follows the line and navigate, built at IUCEE workshop at Chandigarh in Jan 2011. This project is completed by Final year mechanical students.

Pipe Climber Robot

Pneumatically Operated, PLC controlled, robot can climb pipes vertically, mainly useful for Inspection of Pipes and Survey during Natural disasters like earthquake or bomb blast to detect survival of human lives. This project is completed by Final year mechanical students.